Oct 09 2012

Halloween Printable Nail Decal!

Halloween Printable Nail Decal

Hello, lovelies! As I promised you a couple of weeks ago, I (well, mostly with the help of Mr T) made Halloween version of printable decal data – hope you’re excited!

Simply click the image below to download the data :)

Halloween Printable Nail Decal 2

Here is what you’ll need to do:

  • get clear waterslide decal paper (I got mine here)
  • print the downloaded data on decal paper
  • read my tutorial here and learn how to put decals on your nails
  • you can also see my other nail art posts using printable decals here and here
Halloween Printable Nail Decal 3

It’s quite fun to wear my own doodles on nails :)

Halloween Printable Nail Decal 4

I used ‘outline’ decals (the ones without the colours, at the right side of the data) on my thumb and ring finger. When using coloured ones, apply white polish as the base colour – and when using outlined ones, apply any polish you wish (lighter colours work best, though). Enjoy!


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10 Commnents to “Halloween Printable Nail Decal!”

  1. Hello, Sheryl! I used Illustrator to make the date :)

  2. Hi! I was just wondering, how did you make the template for decal data?

  3. Hello, Kendall! You can read the tutorial below to see how I painted my thumb (don’t worry, it’s really easy!):

    Hope it helps :)

  4. How’d you do the colour on the thumb? Would be awesome if you could show us how.

  5. Thanks Erika :)

  6. Oh! The thumb’s colour is wicked! :3

  7. Wow, good move, Tanuki!!! I really hope getting these decal papers won’t disappoint you… (meaning, more printables on the way :D)

  8. Awesome design!! I especially love the one with mini skulls – so cute and loves the yellow base too:) I have been trying to be a good girl, but cannot resist anymore – I am clicking the decal paper on Amazon;) Thank you for this another great tutorial Emi!

  9. Thanks Masha :)

  10. awww, awesome job!

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