Nov 07 2012

Nail Art: Simple, Retro Nails

Nail Art: Simple, Retro Nails

Hello sweets! I know, it’s been more than2 weeks since the last post (gasp with horror). And the thing is, I’m going away on a holiday from tomorrow… Please, please, be patient with me!!!

So, a quick nail art post before I leave. I’ve been secretly obsessed with my new red polish, Red Label by essie. It’s a brilliant red that has pink tone to it. It’s bold, cheerful and a bit retro – and I wanted something very simple that showcases its cuteness.

I used (from left):

Nail Art: Simple, Retro Nails polish
  • essie / Red Label
  • essie / Adore-A-Ball
  • essie / Waltz
  • CANMAKE / Marine Navy

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply two coats of Red Label on index, middle and little fingers.

3) On thumb and ring finger, apply two coats of Waltz, then two coats of Adore-A-Ball on top.

4) Before the polish completely dries, make dots with Marine Navy and Red Label on thumb and ring finger.

5) Apply a top coat.

Nail Art: Simple, Retro Nails 2

So easy and quick, no? I’ve been tempted really badly to add some other design components (a few glitters and rhinestones won’t hurt, right?) but I hit my cheeks, bit my tongue (only in my head) and told myself that less is more, and stuck with the simple design – and you know what, I looooove how it turned out :D

Yes, so… I will see you soon (ish), sweets!

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  1. Thank you, evdokia t. :)

  2. have a beautiful time where you will be!!!!

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