Nov 27 2012

Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints

Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints

Hello Sweets! I don’t know how we got into the last leg of November, and everything is spinning around in my household like a mad merry-go-round that evil mad scientists invented! Anyways, I wanted to experiment something new for this week’s nail art, and here are my inspirations:

Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints nail-common

Super chic watercolour nail art by Japanese nail salon, Nail Common.

Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints 2

And also super fan watercolour nail art by a nail art blogger, Rebecca likes nails.

At first I tried doing the watercolour effect following Rebecca likes nails’s tutorial, but I realised that the colours came out too vivid for my liking – nothing wrong with Rebecca’s method using acetone to thin the polishes, just my selection of polishes didn’t suit what I wanted to achieve.

Then, miraculously, Mr T suggested using his acrylic paints instead (yes, instead of investing on another sets of polishes!). And it worked, after running a few trials and errors :)

I used (from left):

Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints polish
  • OPI / Pirouette My Whistle
  • OPI / Don’t Touch My Tutu!
  • acrylic paints

(not in the photo)

  • pallet (I’m using paper pallet)
  • paint brush
  • small bowl of water
  • cotton buds (or cotton swabs for my American readers :))

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply four coats of Don’t Touch My Tutu!.

3) Place a tiny amount of acrylic paint (I mean, really tiny) on a pallet, and thin it with water using a paint brush. It depends on the thickness of the paint how much water you should add, but I added about 10 times the amount of water to the paint.

4) Add a few tiny drops of the thinned paint to your nail.

5) Wait until the paint dries a little bit (I waited for about 3 minutes), then place a cotton buds lightly on top of the paint to soak up the excess water.

6) After the paints are completely dry, repeat step 3 to 5 to add more colours on your nails. Beware that if you add paints before the previous colour dries, they will bleed. Don’t ask me why I know it!

7) When the paints are dry, apply Pirouette My Whistle.

8) Apply a top coat.

Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints 3

I’m so relieved that acrylic paints worked – but am I 100% happy with the result? The answer is sadly no… I couldn’t tell if the paints were thinned enough or too thick, or how far I should’ve waited before soaking up the excess water.

There are so many designs that I want to try out with the watercolour technique, so I shall continue with my experiment – and I will come back with a proper step-by-step photo tutorial. Until then, I’m holding onto Mr T’s acrylic paints… :)

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5 Commnents to “Nail Art: Watercolour Nails with Acrylic Paints”

  1. What did you use to achieve the middle nails, pastel grey color?

  2. For those who don’t own those polishes… instead of mentioning names of the color of polish…please list the color. Thanks.

  3. Thanks truebluemeandyou – I also love the photos of the nun dolls and retro nails :) For me, holiday starts when I decide what kind of colour and design I wear on my nails, otherwise I can’t choose what to wear! That’s why my holiday packing is done at the very last minute…

    And never mind about the typo – you always find MY typos!!! Oh yes, I want your trusty proofreading eyes… :D

  4. Just read my comment and “struck me” would have been so much better than “stuck out”! Oh well, live and learn to use the EDIT button.

  5. Hi Emi! These nails are so pretty. Have been following your Spain posts and the lovely photographs. What stuck out to me (besides the staircase, architectural details etc…) was the nun dolls (where else would you see those?) and the colorful drinks being held with your retro nails :)

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