Nov 29 2012

Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings

Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings
Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings 1

Have you started preparing for Christmas gifts? I actually have (surprise!) but they were, sadly, all still in my head (not so surprise now, right?), and I was getting jittery with the prospect of panic gift shopping/making/wrapping. Yes, you know the choky feeling! So, today I’m going to crack on with making some easy earrings that your girlfriends (and yourself) would love. Ready for the tutorial?

What you’ll need:

Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings tool
  • nail polish, any colour you like
  • small rhinestones (I’m using rhinestones for nail art)
  • 2 sew-on glass stones
  • pair of ear posts with flat discs
  • (not in the photo) jewellery glue and toothpick


Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings t1

1) Apply nail polish on the glass stones. You can skip this step if you prefer the glass’s original colour. Set aside to dry.

2) With a toothpick, apply small amount of glue on the stone, then place rhinestones.

Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings t3

3) Again, apply glue on the ear posts, and attach them at the back of the stones. Set aside to dry (my glue took 24 hours to completely set), and you’re done!

Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings 2

Told you it was going to be easy! I love the earrings because they are so easy to mass-produce (horrible as it may sound!) and possibilities are endless if you change the colours and rhinestone design.

Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings 3
Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings 4

The pale green pair is made with vintage glass stones (Etsy is full of wonderful vintage beads suppliers you won’t come out empty handed!), and I used metal flower parts I got from a nail art shop in Japan. It was quite fun to look around in my craft stash to see what I could attach on the stones :) Anyways, hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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5 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial: Glass Stone Earrings”

  1. Love the earrings but what do you them on? It looks like felt!

  2. Thanks evdokia t.!

  3. cute cute & so easy!
    a great idea!

  4. I have tons of these tiny rhinestones for nail art, and I always get excited to find craft projects to use them:) And thanks so much for posting the earrings on your blogs, truebluemeandyou!

  5. Really pretty and easy to do. I love how you used the nail art rhinestones – just the right scale for the earrings. Posted on Truebluemeandyou and my Holiday Tumblr Blog :)

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