Dec 07 2012

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial:
Turq Beaded Bracelet

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet

Hello Sweets! I’m really excited to share today’s knockoff, from one of my favourite costume jewellery brands, Miriam Haskell (yeeees!!!). Their creations are beyond beautiful, and most of the time I just drool over my computer screen. And I’m sure you’re going to drool over the image of the original version below!

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet original

Lo and behold, this is the super chic original version, Turq Beaded Bracelet, $518 (originally $740), by Miriam Haskell.

All these gorgeous colours! It’s so beautiful it hurts…! Anyways, you’ll need a lot of beads to make the bracelet, but each process is very easy. So, ready for the tutorial?

What you’ll need (from left):

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet tool
  • beads, you’ll need lots of different kinds (I used seed beads, glass pearls, cotton pearls, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and Czech Fire Polish)
  • jumprings, 2 x number of strands on spacer bar + 2 (I used 7 strand spacer bars, and used 16 jumprings)
  • calottes, 2 for each strand of beads
  • 2 multi-strand spacer bars (I used 7 strand spacer bars)
  • a pair of hook clasp
  • crimp beads, 2 for each strand of beads
  • beadstring
  • (not in the photo) beading needle, flat-nose and round-nose pliers


Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t1

1) Thread the needle, add a crimp bead and slide it towards the end of the thread. I’m using black thread for the tutorial only; please use neutral colour thread!

2) Thread the needle through the crimp bead again, and pull the thread snugly.

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t3

3) Crimp the bead with flat-nose pliers.

4) Add the calotte, and trim the excess thread.

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t5

5) Close the calotte with flat-nose pliers.

6) Add beads until it reaches 15cm (or the length you want the bracelet to be).

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t7

7) Add calotte and crimp bead the same way as step1 & 2 (but in reverse).

8) Trim the excess thread and close the calotte with pliers. Now you have one strand done!

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t8

9) Make as many beaded strands as you wish. I made 15 strands in total.

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t9

10) Using round-nose pliers, bend and make a loop at the end of the calotte.

11) Connect two or three beaded strands to a jumpring, then connect it to the spacer bar. Repeat the process to connect all beaded strands on spacer bars.

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t10

11) With jumprings, attach a pair of hook clasp on both ends of spacer bars. And… you’re done!

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet t11
Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet 3

Voila! I made a couple of beaded strands using pastel coloured seed beads first, but in the end decided only to use white, black and gold colours. Pearls never fail (well, at least for me!) and I was going for Chanel-ish look :)

Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial: Turq Beaded Bracelet 4

I love how it turned out! But… yes, I need to tweak a little bit later – some of the beaded strands were longer than the other (big sigh). I noticed it when I was attaching them to the spacer bars, but thought they would be fine when worn. Turns out not!

Anyways, I’m going to make another pair as a Christmas gift (isn’t it perfect for someone special?) but can’t decide whether I should go for the same Chanel-ish combination, or go for more like the original version. Aghhh, the joy and the pain of having choices!!! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and have a lovely, crafty weekend!


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26 Commnents to “Miriam Haskell Knockoff Tutorial:
Turq Beaded Bracelet”

  1. Brilliant. Initially, I thought yours was the original. Isn’t it nice to hear about your work 3 years later?

  2. I absolutely loved your version of the bracelet and made it! It is gorgeous and matches everything! I make my own jewelry and wear it so I get a lot of compliments and especially got a lot on this bracelet at work. It is definetly a statement piece. Thank you for sharing. What other beautiful jewelry making secrets do you have? Please post with pics :)

  3. Nope…It was your version I drooled over..I think the result is nicer than the original.
    Very good instructions, thanks :-)

  4. Where did you find those bar spacers? I can’t find any that are similar to those in the picture.

  5. I fell in love with this the first time I saw it and I finally made one the other day. It turned out great!! I only had 4 strand connectors so I put 3 pieces of tigertail in a crimp and charlotte to make up 12 strands and to keep it a bit neater than having 12 charlottes each end lol. I’ve had lots of comments on it from family and friends and an order to make one for a local lady.

  6. This is gorgeous! I have featured it today on Copycat Crafts :)

  7. I love this tutorial on your lovely multi-strand bracelet! I have recently purchased beads very similar to yours and am looking forward to creating this for myself. The only problem is, I cannot locate 5 to 7 hole gold spacer strands ANYWHERE. Can you tell me please where you purchased yours? I am at a loss as to where to go from here and really want to make this bracelet for a special occasion arriving soon. Thank you for your posting on this. It is exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Great tutorial. Using a crimp bead inside the calotte is brilliant!! I have driven myself crazy trying to make knots.

  9. Love the bracelet! I just wondered if you’d thought about overlapping some of the strands instead of leaving them straight? (Attaching a strand to the first link of the spacer bar on one end, and the second link of the spacer bar on the other.) I guess you’d only want to do it with the smaller beads.

    Thanks for the idea!

  10. Hello Lilac! I’ve never used tiger tail wire before, but if it’s thin enough for your beads and is strong enough for heavy beads, then there is no reason why you couldn’t use it :) Hope you enjoy making the bracelet!

  11. Great bracelet – I love it and its gone on my to-do-soon list! Is there any reason why I couldn’t use tiger tail instead of thread for this project?

  12. Oh, I’m so flattered to hear that, Julie :) Hope you enjoyed making it!

  13. I really love the bracelet that you made. I crochet but have been wanting to try my hand at some jewelry making. I haven’t worked in almost 4 years so I’ve been a little leary to spend the money since I don’t really know what I’m doing but from your tutorial I really think I can do this. You have inspired me to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thank you, Mandee :)

  15. I just love these bracelets! Such a great and neat idea taking the diffrent beads and putting them together to make your own creation! JUST LOVE IT!

  16. Thanks for a great tutorial…Love yours much better than the original. I’m definately going to make one of these.

  17. Thanks for the info, Chacha! But… BeadSmith is going out of business?! Oh no…!!!! I’ll have to stock up on their products…

  18. Thank you, Emi. I heard that BeadSmith is going out of business and may be that’s why it is tough to find their threads here. I will look for Silamide.

  19. Hello Chacha :) I recommend Silamide (pre-waxed nylon) because they are really strong and hold heavy stones well.

    If Silamide is also hard to find, maybe you could ask in craft shops what they recommend? I’m afraid I haven’t used any other products, and can’t recommend what I haven’t used! Hope it was helpful :)

  20. It’s beautiful and I love it! Yes, the color is much better than the original. You are so creative. Unfortunately, it is tough to get BeadSmith strings in California. Do you have alternative suggestions? Thanks.

  21. Awww, thanks so much, Bev! I learned the crimp beads trick from my fellow crafter a long time ago, and it works wonders :)

  22. This is gorgeous Emi!! I love the way you do your crimp beads too – that seems much more sturdy than the way I do them!
    Your nails are gorgeous too!

  23. Thanks so much, Tanuki :) And yap, the nails look perfect with the bracelet, what a bonus!!

  24. Aghhhh….this is so beautiful!! Personally I love your colour choices more than the original version:) …and I also love how your nails perfectly match the style!

  25. Thank you very much, Stephanie S :) Have a great weekend!

  26. Very pretty and a great tutorial. I love it and Thanks for sharing.

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