Dec 11 2012

Nail Art: Winter Seashell Nails

Nail Art: Winter Seashell Nails

I’ve always associated seashells with summer. But when I saw this beautiful nail art, it changed my perception completely – just take a look at my inspiration:

Nail Art: Winter Seashell Nails 3

Chic and beautiful nail art by Japanese nail salon, Nail Common.

The combination of white, shimmery polish and seashells look perfect for winter as well, don’t you think?

I used:

  • Paul & Joe / 007
  • seashells

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply three coats of Paul & Joe.

3) Place seashells on thumb, middle and ring fingers.

4) Apply a thick top coat.

Nail Art: Winter Seashell Nails 2

I used blue seashells on my thumb and middle finger, then white and blue seashells on my ring finger – it’s quite hard to see the white shells in the photos but it looks pretty nice in real life (yes, it’s such a shame that the photos didn’t turn out so nice *sigh*). Anyways, would you give seashells a go for your winter nail art? I hope you do :)


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4 Commnents to “Nail Art: Winter Seashell Nails”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Rebeca! I found the seashells from a Japanese nail art shop, and I also found it in several UK nail art shops online. Hope you can find something similar xx

  2. Beautiful! Where did you get the seashells from or where can I purchase them?

  3. Thanks so much, truebluemeandyou :)

  4. A nice change from red and green and the “traditional” holiday themes. So shimmery and pretty :) Posted on my blog.

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