Dec 13 2012

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree

Hello sweets! Have you finished embellishing your house with Christmas decorations yet? Well, I hadn’t even started yet until yesterday – no, I wasn’t been lazy (ok, maybe I was). We live in a little cottage, more than 150 yeas old, and everything is in very small scale – and unfortunately, we don’t have a proper mantel (well, there is one but it’s so narrow that I can’t really dress it up). So I had to come up with an alternative solution and decided to lay my Christmasy soul and ideas on a tiny space on a bookshelf. And what do I need for a tiny space? A tiny Christmas tree, of course!

What you’ll need:

  • yarn(s)
  • craft wire (I’m using 18 gauge Artistic Wire)
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • embellishments
  • glue gun


Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree t1

1) Make 3 pom poms in 3 different sizes, and leave them untrimmed. I used pom pom makers by Clover (85mm, 65mm and 45mm) but you can also make them using a folk or your hand. See the tutorial here to learn how to make pom poms with a folk, and replace the folk with your hand when making bigger pom poms.

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree t2

2) Cut the craft wire and bend it to make ‘U’ shape. The ‘U’ should be about the same length as the length of three pom poms put together.

3) Push the wire in through the biggest pom pom, making sure that the wire goes through the knot in the pom (please be careful not to poke your fingers!).

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree t4

4) Add the second biggest pom pom to the wire. Push both pom poms down, then twist the wire twice at the top to secure poms in place. By pushing the poms, you’ll get nice, dense trees.

5) Add the smallest pom pom, and again push it down, then twist the wire at the top.

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree t6

6) Now the fun begins. Trim your pom poms to make it tree-like.

7) OK, I was too excited and forgot to take photo (sorry!) but… using glue gun, add as much embellishments as you wish. And… you’re done!

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree 2

So, now my pom pom tree stands happily next to lots of pom friends :) Curious how my ‘Christmas pom den’ looks like?

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree 1

Voila! Yes, so many pom poms :)

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree 5

My theme was actually ‘nutcrackers’ den’ initially, but then I started putting these poms and Miffys and it became pom’s den… I found these bad boy nutcracker candles (yes, they are candles!) at my local vintage bric-a-brac shop. They only cost £5 all together because there were damages on them (but I couldn’t care less!).

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree 3

And these Miffys? I just couldn’t help putting them up there (I gave them matching scarves because I’m undoubtedly and eye-wateringly nice). But do you know what happens in this household?

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree 6

Yes way.

Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Tree 7

This was what happened when I left the room for a few minutes. Mr T, who has such cutting-edge sense of humour that he could even make the Queen lol (no, not while she was watching the Olympic Game’s Opening ceremony), thought it was funny to behead Miffy. So thoughtful…

Anyways, I still have to make a wreath – can you guess what kind of wreath I’m going to make? Yes, using more poms :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


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  1. No, I’m afraid I didn’t make the little house. I bought it at a Christmas market in Germany a few years ago :)

  2. So cute. I’m going to have to make one!! Did you make the little white house? Also adorable!!

  3. Yap, you’re right, evdokia! I LOVE pom poms, maybe more than I should :D

  4. you like pom poms, no? :D
    the tree is so cute!
    & all the little colorful friends too!
    beautiful christmas decoration!

  5. Awww, thanks so much for the compliments, Aida :) Queen of nail art and pom poms sounds real gooooood!!!!!

  6. Yeah, you made me decide to get some pom pom makers as well :) The display is gorgeous! You are truly queen of both nail art and pom poms!

  7. Thanks so much, Bev! I personally can’t live without the pom pom makers – you can easily make plain pom poms without one, but if you do, you can make patterned pom poms (meaning so much fun!!!) :) I still want your pretty Christmas mantel, though!

  8. Oh my gosh. I am sooo in love!! I have never tried those pom pom makers but I think I am going to have to!! I love your tree and your whole display!!

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