Mar 03 2011

Needle felt ring holder

Needle felt ring holder

I love rings, and even if the colours fade or some parts get missing (I know, they are mostly cheap ones), I can’t seem to throw them away. And this means that I have quite a collection, and I need to organise them in a way that I don’t ‘forget’ about them. The solution? Needle felting, of course!

Needl felt ring holder 2

I felted some wool in little teardrop shapes. They look a bit odd and ‘naked’ like this…

Needl felt ring holder 3

They remind me of Barbapapa.

Needl felt ring holder 4

Done! Cute and colourful! But then I realised something very important…

Needl felt ring holder 5

Rings with big stones don’t look that cute, and…

Needl felt ring holder 6

if the stones are too heavy,

Needl felt ring holder 7

the holder doesn’t stay put. Noooo!!!

So, if you are going to try and make one, I suggest 1) make the base wider 2) put something heavy in the base 3) put only small rings like me. It’s pretty simple to make, and hope you enjoy making one!

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  1. The last one really made me laugh :D

  2. Cute! Lovely! Useful! and Funny!
    i like your taste with humorous and witty :)

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