Dec 18 2012

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails

Yes. Because it’s Christmas (soon enough), I thought it was time to finally unleash my love for cats on nails. I downloaded these cute kitties’ images from Transient Expression (it’s free download – thanks a million, Rachel!) and printed out on waterslide decal paper.

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails 2

Ahhhh…. LOVE the kitties. OK, here is how I’ve done:

I used:

How to get the look:

1) Prepare waterslide decals. If you are new to making and using waterslide decals, read this tutorial here.

2) Prepare star-shaped decals (made of nail polish) – follow this tutorial to make them. Sorry you have to jump to a lot of posts! You also need to cut out a red triangle decal for the hat, and two small triangles for the bow tie.

3) Apply base coat.

4) Apply three coats of Waltz on thumb, middle and ring fingers, and apply two coats of Red Label on index and little fingers.

5) While the polish is still wet, place round glitters on index and little fingers, and then star-shaped decals on middle finger.

6) When the polish is completely dry, place waterslide decals on thumb and ring finger. Apply top coat (do not use Seche Vite at this point! You’ll see why if you read the waterslide decal tutorial) and place hat, bow tie and round glitters.

7) Apply top coat, and you’re done!


I think a lot of you guys are going to have your Christmas nails done this weekend, so I’m going to share you some cute inspirations (which I’ve been drooling over :D).

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails atelier LIM
Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails atelier

(images from atelier + LIM)

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails dot LIM

(image from Dot + LIM)

Nail Art: Christmas Kitten Nails 3

(image from tsumeiLOG)

You can also see more nail art inspirations on my Pinterest Nail Art Board. Hope you enjoy them!


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  1. This is wonderful! I own a nail salon and would love to feature this post on my social media. Would that be okay with you? (I would give you the credit of course!)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing us the kitty images, Rachel! I can’t wait to try more designs with these cuties :)

  3. Wow, awesome job! Those looks fabulous. So glad you found my little cat faces useful :-)

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