Dec 24 2012

wishing you lots of joy

image by harold.lloyd

(image by harold.lloyd via Lindley Ashline)

Happy holidays, sweets! I can’t thank you enough for being a big part of Small Good Things in 2012 – yes, I stumble and fall sometimes and feel like giving up this tiny blog, but I managed to continue my adventure because of your kind comments and sweet Emails. Really, I never thought I’d survive more than a year :)

I’m taking a bit of time off but I’ll be back in 2013. And until then, I hope you’ll have wonderful holidays with lots of smiles with your loved ones xxx


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10 Commnents to “wishing you lots of joy”

  1. Thank you very much, Melanya! I’m so happy and humbled to hear that my blog is on top of your list :) I’ll try to post more often and not to disappoint you too much this year! Thanks so much for the kind support xx

  2. Happy New Year. I love your blog Emi. I found your website a few months ago and have subsequently gone back and read every entry (I think…). I thank you for your efforts and all you have shared. I’ve found that the bookmark for Small Good Things has climbed to the top of my list and I usually get a little bit sad when you take a break -I miss you, that’s all ;0)

    I think what you do is amazing and inspirational. I really hope you continue to find the time to write and share with us in 2013.
    Thank you.


  3. Hope you had fantastic Christmas too, Bev! It’s been a great pleasure to ‘meet’ you & Flamingo Toes, and can’t wait to see more crafts from you in 2013 :)

  4. Happy holidays to you too, evdokia :)

  5. I hope you had a Merry Christmas Emi!! It’s been so fun getting to “know” you and I’m excited for the new year ahead! Have a wonderful vacation!

  6. happy holidays
    & a happy new year emi!

  7. Thank you so much, Tanuki, you’re such a sweetie :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Kuma san, too! Also, I’m really glad to find your blog and a fellow Japanese living in UK (yayyy!!!); please keep on feeding me your beautiful nail art :D どうぞ良いお年を!

  8. Hope you had a happy Christmas Emi! I feel very fortunate to have come across Small Good Things among thousands out there – reading your blog has been a big source of inspiration as well as my joy and smile from day 1:) A huge thank you for that!! Hope you are having a wonderful holidays with your loved ones too and feeling recharged. See you in 2013 xxx

  9. Awww, thank you so much, truebluemeandyou!!! And million thanks to you for posting my DIYs on your blog, and for leaving sweet comments :) Have a lovely holidays to you and your family too, and yes, thanks in advance for sending me the pie xxx

  10. I know EXACTLY how you feel. But my blog would certainly not be the same without your DIYs and nail art :) Blogging would just not be as fun at all without Small Good Things. Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!! I’ll be baking pumpkin and apple pie soon :)

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