Jan 07 2013

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails 1

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Hope you guys had wonderful holidays and welcomed a fresh start of the year :) I couldn’t decide what design I should go for as the first nail art post in 2013, then I found this:

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails 3

Isn’t it a perfect design for Year of the Snake? (image from nail haco) I changed the snake’s shape from ‘s’ to ‘e’ (can you read it as ‘e’? Can you…?), by the way. If you aren’t too sure about drawing a snake, use a permanent marker instead of nail polish (I used the same pen I used in this nail art post).

I used (top row from left):

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails polish
  • RMK / CL-3 Clear Pink
  • OPI / My Pointe Exactly
  • OPI / Care to Danse?
  • miss sporty / 12
  • Rimmel / 239 Your Majesty

(bottom row from left)

  • L’Oreal / 101
  • essie / Waltz
  • L’Oreal / 607
  • L’Oreal / 601
  • L’Oreal / 613
  • Smelly / 32


How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply three coats of L’Oreal/101 except on ring finger. Apply three coats of essie/Waltz on ring finger.

3) Before the polish dries, place glitters on index, middle and little fingers.

4) Apply all the polishes in the photo in layers (except L’Oreal/101 and essie/Waltz) on the tip of ring finger.

5) When the polish is completely dry, draw a snake on thumb using a permanent marker.

6) Apply top coat.

Nail Art: Year of the Snake Nails 2

I love how the design on ring finger turned out :) Maybe I should’ve done the same design on index finger as well (I always notice things while looking at pictures afterwards…).

Anyways, do you have new year’s resolution? My last year’s resolutions were:

  • learn how to crochet
  • set up my own Etsy shop
  • publish a book (part of my real-life work, non-craft related)

If you read SGT regularly you must already know that I’ve done none of them… I was ashamed of myself, though, and started to learn crocheting on 30th of December (ain’t I good?!) :)

So, this year’s resolution continues to be the same as last years. What’s your resolutions, and did you keep last years? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who haven’t done enough…!


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