Jan 09 2013

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace

Hello Sweets! I’m really excited to share you my first craft tutorial in 2013 today – I chose freshwater pearls (yes, you guys must already know how much I love pearls!) and gold tubes that I picked up last year but couldn’t think of any use (you can see bracelets that use similar tubes in this tutorial). It may sound like an odd combination (well, at least for me it sounded weird first) but I think they are a match made in heaven, these pearls and tubes :) So… ready for the tutorial?

What you’ll need:

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace tool
  • beading wire (I’m using 24 gauge Artistic Wire)
  • 104 x 4mm freshwater pearls
  • 26 straight tubes (I’m using 2 x 11mm tubes, bought  from here)
  • 13 x 2.5mm Swarovski crystals
  • (not in the photo) flat-nose and round-nose pliers, wire cutters

* They will make approx 82cm long necklace. Please adjust the numbers of pearls and crystals according to the size of the tubes you use :)


Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace t1

1) Let’s start by making a wrapped loop. Grasp one end of the beading wire with round-nose pliers, about 3cm from the edge, and wrap it around the jaw of the pliers to create a loop. With the loop securely grasped with the round-nose pliers, grasp the tail wire with flat-nose pliers, then wind it neatly around the main wire just below the loop for 2,3 times. Trim the excess tail wire with wire cutters, then squeeze down the newly cut tip to make it lie flat so that no sharp edge sticks out.

2) Add one straight tube, one crystal bead, then one more straight tube to the wire.

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace t3

3) Following the step 1, make a wrapped loop again.

4) Make another wrapped loop and add eight freshwater pearls to the wire.

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace t5

5) This time, before wrapping the wire, add the loop of the tube beads (that you made at step2).

6) Complete the wrapped loop. Now you have two sets of beads attached together.

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace t6

7) Repeat the steps to add all the pearls and tubes, or until you reach the desired length.

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace t7

Voila! If you are an expert at making wrapped loops, you can make the necklace with your eyes closed. And if you are new to the technique, it would be a perfect project to practice making wrapped loops (after all, the necklace is done entirely by wrapped loops).

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace 1

I love how these tiny crystals are peeking from the tubes :) It’s quite a delicate looking necklace because of the size of the tubes, and I think using bigger/longer tubes would make bolder necklace.

Craft Tutorial: Pearl & Tube Necklace 3

And the best part of making a long necklace is that you can also wear it as a bracelet! So… what do you think of the pearl/gold tube combo? Thumbs up, I hope :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and may the crafty spirits be with you!

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  1. I’m so flattered to hear that, Theresa :) I often hit creative block, too (maybe too often!), but at the same time I feel like I become more creative afterwards because of the struggle. Hope you are in your studio and enjoying creating something beautiful now!!

  2. Hi
    I just discovered your awesome site. I have been in such a mental black since the holidays, and agree looking at your wonderful site I am truly inspired again. Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics to find your way. I have to say you have cured me. I am ready to go back to my studio and create.

  3. Thanks, Emily :)

  4. This is such a pretty necklace! I need to make this! Thank you for the tutorial! :)

  5. Thanks evdokia :)

  6. that’s so elegant!

  7. Thanks for the compliment *blush* and for posting it on your blog, Truebluemeandyou :)

  8. Really elegant – in a fun way – necklace! Especially like the added sparkle of the crystal beads. Posted two finished photos and a link back to you on trueblue. Thanks for posting such a well explained and photographed DIY :)

  9. Thanks, Bev! Yap, I’m gonna have so much fun layering it with other necklaces and bracelets :)

  10. What a pretty necklace Emi! I love the combo of the pearls and the tubes! This would be so fun to layer with other necklaces too!

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