Jan 24 2013

While I was gone…

Cath Kidston Crochet Kit

Hello sweets! I know, I sincerely apologise for the absence in the past 10 days or so. My lovely computer broke down (which I’ll explain in detail at the end of the post, for those of you who use 13inch MacBook Pro, 2009 model) but it’s now fixed, alive and kicking. So, what have I been doing while my ‘brain’ wasn’t working?

Cath Kidston Crochet Kit 1
Cath Kidston Crochet Kit2

Crochet!!! As I told you before, learning how to crochet was one of this year’s resolutions. My mom-in-law sent me Cath Kidston’s crochet kit last year (isn’t she the best?!), and I thought it was the best time to whip up my crocheting skill. The kit comes in a cute book tin, and it includes everything you’ll need  to make a cushion cover.

Cath Kidston Crochet Kit 4

I managed to make 6 squares so far – no, they aren’t perfect squares, but they aren’t too bad for a first timer, right? I absolutely love the colours, and these squares are quite simple to make.

But… unfortunately, there are some fatal translation errors in the instruction (mine is Japanese version) and I had to redo the first three squares (yap, I was very close to giving it up). I was also in serious doubt if I’d have enough yarn to finish the project – so I read some reviews for the product, and found out that there were quite many people who run out of yarn (big sigh).

These hiccups aside, I’m really enjoying my new found love for crochet, and I can’t wait to finish and adore it :)


OK, so here is what happened to my joyous Mac. If you don’t use 2009 model 13inch MacBook Pro, don’t be polite to read through and just come back for tomorrow’s post (I won’t hold grudges against ya) :)

So, my Mac’d been working as smooth as Kylie Minogue’s forehead ever since I bought it, but one night, without any warning, it froze. It froze to death. I tried turning it on several times, but instead of the usual apple icon, all I saw was a file icon with a question mark flashing. After searching for solutions on the internet, Mr T and I came to a disappointing yet simple conclusion that we needed to replace Hard Disc Drive.

Yes, we Amazoned it (so much cheaper than buying HDD from Apple Store, by the way). A couple of days later, a brand new HDD arrives and we dance like maniacs. We replace the old with new, and turn on the grumpy old fart with huge, manic grin on our faces. What do we see? The same darn file icon with a bloody question mark…

So we did a frantic internet research again, and found out that if you are using 13inch MacBook Pro, 2009 model, the hard drive cables are prone to be more breakable than those of other models. And as you can guess, my baby is the exact model…

We finally visited Genius Bar at our local Apple Store, and were told (yes, you can guess it again) that one of the cables inside was broken. It didn’t cost much to fix it (£10 for the new cable, £25 for the installation). So… what did I learn?

  • If you are using 2009 model 13inch MacBook Pro, and see the said icons pop up, go to Genius Bar before you buy new HDD
  • Ask them (and insist) to check if it’s HDD or cables inside that need replacing (because most likely they’ll just tell you to replace HDD)
  • If it was HDD that you need replacing, don’t buy it there. Search cheaper alternative online.

Phew, that was lengthy, wasn’t it? Hope this info will help someone someday…


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5 Commnents to “While I was gone…”

  1. Thank you very much, evdokia :)

  2. your squares are so lovely emi!
    well done!

  3. I’m so jealous that you can knit, truebluemeandyou!! Oh, I just wish… I’m sure you’ll learn how to crochet really fast once you try :)

    Also, I just went to check inspiration & realisation’s crochet post, and WOW! Such useful links! I’m going to put the link for my readers here:

    And… YAY!!! for All Free Jewely Making! They always write really nice introductions, too :) Thanks so much for letting me know!

  4. Emi – also did you know your Chevron Necklace was posted on All Free Jewely Making today? http://www.allfreejewelrymaking.com/Wire-Necklace/Delicate-Triple-Chevron-Bead-Necklace#

  5. As you know (and so does Donatella of inspiration & realisation – who had an amazing Crochet 101 post) I don’t crochet… I knit. I keep saying I must learn to crochet becuase I have seen the cutest and best crochet projects recently! I would have been so frustrated if my first 3 squares hadn’t worked too. We always go straight to the Genius Bar and wait in unbelievable lines if something is wrong with any of our phones or Apple gadgets :)

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