Jan 28 2013

Nail Art: Scandinavian Nails

Scandinavian nail art

Happy Monday, sweets! I’m a big fan of Scandinavian designs, and I’ve been meaning to try out a bit of Scandinavian goodness on my nails. And today, while looking around my room for some inspirations, I found the perfect thing hanging on the wall.

Scandinavian nail art 1
Scandinavian nail art 2

Aren’t these just beyond pretty?! These images are taken from Harvest 2013 Calendar (I bought it from here), which is designed by a Norwegian design agency Darling Clementine.

Oh, these colours! Yes, smiling at the calendar has become a routine of mine since 2013 began :)

I used (from left):

Scandinavian nail art polish
  • BarryM / Block Orange
  • China Glaze / Liquid Leather
  • Ducato / CH500
  • essie / Smokin’ Hot
  • essie / Cocktail Bling
  • essie / Jazz
  • miss sporty / 12

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Follow this tutorial to prepare nail decals (made of nail polish). I made two mountains (for thumb and middle finger), two flowers (for thumb and index finger), one leaf (for index finger) and one apple (for ring finger).

3) Apply three coats of Block Orange on thumb, Jazz on index and ring fingers, Cocktail Bling on middle finger, Smokin’ Hot on little finger.

4) Apply the decals on each nail, and draw other details with polish.

5) Apply top coat.

Scandinavian nail art 2

Oh yes, I’m in love! Yap, now I can’t stop adoring and smiling at my own nails (I know, sounds lame, and it probably is) :) And you know what, this is one of my favourite nail arts I’ve done so far on this entire blog (yayyy)! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!


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6 Commnents to “Nail Art: Scandinavian Nails”

  1. Thanks for including my nail art design on your post, Amanda :)

  2. Loving this design!!! I made a new post on my blog about this, because I was just in love by this piece!!!

  3. Thanks very much, June :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I just found you and I am LOVING your nail art!!! Keep up the amazing work. :D

  5. I could guess you liked Scandinavian designs and art, truebluemeandyou! Thanks for posting on your blog :)

  6. I love everything Scandinavian – from their art to textiles to design so naturally I think these nails are lovely. Posted two finished photos and a link back to you on truebluemeandyou on Tumblr.

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