Feb 04 2013

Nail Art: Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails

Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Happy Monday, sweets! I’ve been seeing so many cute nail art designs for Valentine’s Day lately, and I was too excited to choose one design, let alone colour… So I closed my eyes and picked two bottles from my polish box – and yes, I ended up choosing the most un-romantic colour combo possible! So, black and grey romantic nail art, here I come :D

I used (from left):

Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art polish
  • Smelly / 32
  • China Glaze / Liquid Leather


How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Follow this tutorial to prepare nail decals (made of nail polish) that would go on the middle finger. I cut out a couple of squares and triangles.

3) Apply three coats of Smelly on top half of thumb, middle finger and a quarter of ring finger.

4) Apply Liquid Leather on quarter of index and little finger.

5) When the polish dries, draw a heart (only top half) on thumb and on ring finger.

6) Add nail decals on middle finger, and add glitters on every finger.

7) Apply top coat.

Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art 2

So, yes. I drew hidden (sort of) hearts on thumb and ring finger. I really love how the non-girly, non-sweet heart design turned out :) And best part was that Mr T, who’d run miles for in-your-face girly designs (he often does), actually liked it. Hooray!

If subtle heart isn’t your thing, come back tomorrow because I’ll be posting loads of inspirations for Valentine’s Day nail art :)

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6 Commnents to “Nail Art: Non Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails”

  1. Hi Nanz Hu! I use masking tapes (or washi tapes) to achieve the straight line :)

  2. It’s rugged yet pretty. May I ask how do you get such a straight line across the nail?

  3. Thanks Tanuki, and yap, it does mean a lot, especially when your husband is really picky (he’s a graphic designer, after all) :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It surprisingly means a lot and makes you even happier when your Mr. likes your nails, doesn’t it:) I really like the subtle heart! The black and grey scheme also makes the whole art so chic:)

  5. Thanks Aida :) Hope you enjoy your VD nail art!

  6. Beautiful! Going out and getting grey nail polish asap :)

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