Feb 05 2013

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations

So, as I promised you yesterday, here are my nail art inspirations for Valentine’s Day. I’m drooling over these designs as I write this, and hope you enjoy the agony of choosing one design for the V day :)

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations

(image from Re-Jewel) You can easily achieve this design – use masking tape for straight lines (for the pink polish), draw hearts with permanent marker (sharpie), then fill the inside of the hearts with glitters. I’ll have to try it with starts or triangles soon!

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations flowers

(image from Flowers Nails) So sweet, but not-too girly thanks to the colour choice. Cut out (or punch out) heart shapes in masking tapes using scissors (or a hole puncher). And you know the rest – simply use the masking tapes as a guide for perfect heart shapes!

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations common

(image from Nail Common) So simple yet so cute! You could use red sharpie to draw letters, and you could also play with different fonts :) I’ll probably write ‘merci’ or a tiny ‘t’ on ring finger (t for Mr T, by the way).

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations brilliant

(image from Brilliant Nail) Aww! I love the bows, the creamy tri-colour, and the tiny metal hearts! If you have tiny metal balls for nail art, you could make these bows quite easily, and you can probably find similar heart stickers at nail art shops.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations asterism

(image from Nail Salon Asterism) Again, you could make these hearts easily using masking tapes.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations common2

(image from Nail Common) This watercolour heart is so elegant! Drop a tiny amount of acrylic paint, wait for about 5 minutes, then soak off the excess water with tissue or sponge. Repeat this and layer the drops to make a heart shape.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations disco

(image from Disco) Little hearts and cats, are you kidding?! Can’t be sweeter than that! If you are good at drawing, then use acrylic paint to draw the cats (I know I can’t!).

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations brilliant2

(image from Brilliant Nail) I can’t wait to try this design – will have to wait until I get some gold tapes, though! Lovely colour combination, too.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspirations navynail

(image from Navy Nail) Yet again, you can achieve the heart shape using masking tapes, and then outline the shape with gold of silver polish. I’m also in love with the black and white check!

Such eye candies, right?! Which is your favourite design? My absolute favourite is watercolour heart design from Nail Common. Hope you are inspired!

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  1. I know, it’s really cute isn’t it?! Hope you’re gonna enjoy wearing VD mani :)

  2. awww. I think that heart cutouts are my favorite. :=)

  3. Thanks, truebluemeandyou :) I know, these nail arts are beyond cute!

  4. This is absolutely the prettiest (and cutest) roundup of Valentine’s Day Nails I’ve seen. I have to say the top nails and then the kitten nails are my favorite. And also love the LOVE nails too :)

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