Feb 07 2013

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations

Today I’m going to share you some craft ideas and inspirations for Valentine’s Day. They all comes with tutorials or recipe, so hopefully you won’t have any problem expressing your love :)

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations
Lace Heart Pancakes from Bite Delite

Who’ve thought you could draw with pancakes?! Only thing you need is squeeze bottle (I found really cheap one at my local supermarket), and I’m 120% sure I’ll be making these hearts on V day :)

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 2

DIY Fringe 3-D Heart from Julep.

Seriously? Never thought of fringe and heart putting together, but they are so, so cute together! Really easy tutorial, and perfect as kids’ project, too, I think.

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 3

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 3

DIY Create Your Own Bokeh from DIY Photography

You can take eye-wateringly cute photos on a romantic day with this DIY heart lens hood!

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 4
Boxed geometric heart from Mini Eco

Free printable templates (for heart-shaped boxes and the box with a heart illustration); simply download, print out and assemble. Your gift boxes sorted!

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 5

Printable Valentines Wrap from Mini Eco

Another super-cute printable from Mini Eco, this time geometric heart wraps! Yes, your gift wrap all sorted :)

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 6
Pop Heart Pattern from My Gurumi

These 3D crochet hearts are so cute, and it comes with free patterns. The only problem is… I’m still a beginner at crocheting, so maybe next year!

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations


Crochet Heart Pattern from A Foothill Home Companion

This is more like it! Quite simple and I think I can manage to make this crochet heart (I’ve only been crocheting for one month).

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 8
Double chocolate espresso pound cake with rose-scented cream cheese frosting from Desserts for Breakfast

Oh, YES!!! I’d die if someone makes me this cupcake. Really. And I’d be impressed with myself if I could make something so pretty, too.

Valentine’s Day Craft Inspirations 9

Celtic Heart Knot from Fusion Knots

Easy-to-follow video tutorial. I’d diffinately try this to wrap up gifts!


Hope these ideas helped you get ready for Valentine’s Day :) Me? I can’t wait to make that pancakes!!!


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  1. Thanks evdokia :) I know, pancakes are my favourite, too cute not to try!!!

  2. so cute ideas!
    the pancakes are sweet
    & the heart shaped fotos!
    thank you emi!

  3. If I can learn how to crochet, you can (seriously!!), truebluemeandyou! And I’m 100% sure you’re gonna make something super cool with crocheting :)

  4. Such a good roundup of things I haven’t seen plastered all over the internet! Especially like the crochet hearts – my big project for this year – LEARN TO CROCHET!

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