Feb 14 2013

Nail Art: Moroccan Holiday Nails

Moroccan holiday nail art

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweets! Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week; I’ve been on a holiday in Morocco (mainly in Marrakesh). Today’s nail art post is just a quick update on what I wore during the holiday, and it’s a colourful version of last week’s Non Sweet Valentine’s Day nail art.

Moroccan holiday nail art

I didn’t really know what sort of colour would suit Morocco, so I just aimed for colourful and fun design. I received a few complements during the trip (yay!) and I was really happy to find these mustard yellow and teal green used quite often in tiles and babouche slippers :) So, yes. Please jump to last week’s nail art post to see how to get the look. Hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s Day xx

PS, Thanks so much for not mentioning my dry & chubby hands!

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3 Commnents to “Nail Art: Moroccan Holiday Nails”

  1. Hello :)

  2. Hello Tanuki :D We got lost so many times there, too! It’s impossible to walk around in souks without getting lost, and it was hell when I wanted to go to the loo and couldn’t find a way out… Good times!

  3. Welcome back Emi! Hope you had an amazing time in Marrakesh:) I remember I got lost so hopelessly when I was there 5 years ago…fail lol I love the choice of the colours. It always makes your day when someone give you a compliment, doesn’t it xx

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