Feb 18 2013

Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Marrakesh


Happy Monday, sweets! As I mentioned in the last post, Mr T and I spent a week in Morocco recently. I’ve never been to any of the African countries before, and Morocco was by far the most exciting place I’ve been to this day :) We could not believe that a country only three hours away from UK brings us such cultural difference (sounds damn, I know, but that’s how we felt!). We were very fortunate to meet so many lovely people, have wonderful food and see so many beautiful handcrafts, and we cannot wait to go back there (fingers crossed!).

OK, so this week I’ll be sharing some of the photos I’ve taken during the holiday. I don’t want to bore you to death with all the photos, but hopefully you could find some inspirations /beauties /fun in them :) The photos I’m sharing you today are of Marrakesh – the ‘Best Bites’ series continues, followed by ‘details’ themed photos tomorrow, and photos in the Sahara desert on Thursday. Hope you enjoy them!

Jamaa El Fna

Photos above: chaotic road in Medina, and Jamaa El Fna during the day

pharmacy in souks, Marrakesh
pharmacy in souks, Marrakesh 2

Photos above: pharmacy in souks

Palais Bahia, Marrakesh

Photo above: inside Palais Bahia

Palais Bahia, Marrakesh 2

Photos above: (left and top right) inside Palais Bahia, (bottom right) La Palmerale

La Palmerale, Marrakesh

Photo above: La Palmerale

La Koutoubia, Marrakesh

Photo above: La Koutoubia

Dyer’s souk, Marrakesh
Dyer’s souk, Marrakesh 2

Photos above: Dyer’s souk

Ok, I forgot to mention that there are so many street cats in Marrakesh; you’ll see about 50 cats in one day :) Another reason to visit the Red City, right? Hope you enjoyed the photos!


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6 Commnents to “Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Marrakesh”

  1. Thank, evdokia :) Yap, more photos coming along!

  2. i really wouldn’t mind to watch
    more pictures from your trip!

    amazing colors!

  3. Thanks, Bev! I know, the yarns were so colourful and I just wanted to dive in… :)

  4. Wow these are lovely!! Everything is so colorful! I love those yarn photos.

  5. Thank you, truebluemeandyou :) Hope you can visit Morocco soon, it’s such an exciting place to be! And I can imagine you getting really excited over gorgeous handmade things!

  6. Really lovely photos. Morocco is one of the few places I haven’t visited that I really want to go to (the other places I’m afraid are going to be too dangerous for a while). The colors in the market place are gorgeous and so is the serene looking Palais Bahia. I hope you had a wonderful time!

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