Feb 21 2013

Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Continuing ‘Best Bites’ photo series from my recent trip to Morocco (you can see the previous posts here and here), today I’m sharing you photos of Sahara Desert trek we took.


First of all, there are mainly two types of bus/ 4×4 Sahara Desert treks to choose from if you are heading from Marrakesh; one is 2-day trip to Zagora, and the second is 3-day trip to Merzouga. We were desperate to go to Merzouga but since it’s so close to Algerian border (we had to take serious considerations over the recent attack on the Algerian gas plant) we decided to settle on Zagora, which has smaller dunes compared to Merzouga.

Ait Benhaddou
Ait Benhaddou 2

It took about 10 hours to get to the desert – I know, sounds horrible, but we took about 5 stops during the journey. One of the stops was at Ait Benhaddou, a fortified village.

Sahara Desert 11
Sahara Desert 6
Sahara Desert 9

From Zagora we took a camel trekking into the desert. The camel I rode on was a real cutie. See the one behind? Looks EVIL! And of course, it was hard taking decent photos while on a camel :)

Sahara Desert 12
Sahara Desert 13
Sahara Desert 8

I’ve dreamt about being in the Sahara so much that I couldn’t really believe that I was really ‘in it’. The silence during the night, water-like soft sand, and oh the stars!! My bum was hurting like there was no tomorrow (thanks to the camel ride) but everything felt so magical.

Sahara Desert 10

These were the tents our group stayed. See, it wasn’t like ‘OMG, I can’t see anything but sand!’ part of the Sahara, but it was sandy enough for us :) I’m sure I’ll be back in Morocco to see endless dunes in Merzouga some day (fingers crossed!).

Sahara Desert 4
Sahara Desert 5

And the sunrise. Yes, the sun rose so beautifully and magnificently, everyone just stood in awe for a few minutes.

So, this is it for my Moroccan photo series. Hope you enjoyed it :)


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8 Commnents to “Best Bites from Moroccan Holiday: Sahara Desert”

  1. Yes evdokia, so much sand :) And you’re right, my head is still full of these gorgeous images from Morocco…!!

  2. i am standing in awe just seeing your fotos! :)
    the camel in first foto, so cute!
    and those houses!
    and so much sand :)
    your head must be still full of this images!

  3. Hope you can visit Morocco soon, Tiffany! It’s really an amazing country :)

  4. oh how i envy you! this looks fantastic! i dream to go east! tha farthest i have gone is to dodekanisa in greece!

  5. Thanks for the complement, Bev *blushing* :)

  6. These are gorgeous too Emi! I love seeing these – you’re a great photographer!

  7. You’re SO lucky that you’ve been to Egypt, truebluemeandyou!!! Oh, I so wish… And you’re also lucky that your camel ride lasted only 15 minutes – we had to ride for about 90 minutes (seriously!) and you can imagine the pain… :)

  8. What an amazing trip! Gorgeous photos of the Sahara – thank you for posting your photos of Morocco. I was on a camel in Egypt and found that camels have a really jarring way of walking and I was so sore after the ride… that lasted only 15 minutes or so! Glad you are home safe and sound.

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