Mar 05 2013

Hard to Say Good Bye

Big Ben

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while – well, not really because I didn’t want you sweet readers to know about it, but because I just didn’t quite know the right moment to tell you.


Last Thursday, Mr T and I left the UK to move back to our homeland, Japan. Although the move was a happy one, spending the last good ten years, it was just really hard to say good bye to the beautiful country.

I’ve met so many (and I mean, so many) lovely people, experienced things that I’d never experience in Japan, and ate Fish and Chips more than I probably should. There had been good times and bad times, of course, but now that I’ve left the country, all the things that came up to my mind were just so colourful and cheerful.

Please be patient with me until I settle in Tokyo – hopefully I’ll be back soon enough :)

P.S. Oh Tanuki, I’m really, really sorry I couldn’t meet you before I left… Hope to see you sometime soon in Japan, though!

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12 Commnents to “Hard to Say Good Bye”

  1. I see your last msg was in march 2013. I only just found you today. Hope you are back on soon. It seems you have started to wake my muse. Miss you already and only know you from today

  2. Thank you, Tabatha :D

  3. Best of luck to you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for quite a while now and look forward to reading again once you’re settled in! :D

  4. Thank you, Nanz Hu and l. chan! I’ll be back sometime soon, I promise :)

  5. I’ve been secretely following your blog for almost a year now !
    It’s funny because at first, I didn’t realize that you were Japanese but somehow really liked your creations’ style. I’ve actually lived a few years in Japan myself until I came back to Europe so I was probably uncounciously attracted to the Japanese touch in your creations !
    10 years in UK is a long time ! Hope you enjoy coming back to your country.
    Will keep checking out your blog.

  6. I’m a new fan! Please continue with your blog and tutorials when you settled down in Japan. All the very best.

  7. I know, Tanuki, it’s such a shame and I feel really guilty that I couldn’t get to meet you :( Can’t wait to go for some nail art supply shopping with you in Tokyo, though!!!

  8. Delighted to know that the move went well! It’s shame that we could not meet before you left, but it means I now have another thing that I can look forward to when I visit Tokyo next time;) Good luck in your new adventure Emi!

  9. Such a gorgeous photo Emi! I hope you are able to get settled in soon!

  10. i wish you will settle well back in tokyo emi!
    and waiting for your new adventures!

  11. Thank you, lisacng, evdokia and Bev! I’m settling in just about fine now :D

  12. Have a great transition home!

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