Mar 19 2013

Nail Art: Having Fun with ◯ & △

Nail Art: Having Fun with ◯ & △

Hello Lovelies! First of all, I apologise for my long absence – yes, I’ve been busy (and a bit lazy, of course!) getting used to the life in Japan. It still doesn’t feel real that Mr T and I aren’t going back to the UK anymore, and sometimes Tokyo makes me feel really out of my comfort zone (there are so many people here compared to London!!!). I’m a country bumpkin, really, and hopefully I’ll get used to the city life soon :D

Anyways. For my first nail art in Japan, I chose a design that I’d call ‘lazy but fun’ – so if you’re feeling lazy, this is for you :)

I used:

  • essie / Jazz
  • Maxfactor / Royal Blue


How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Follow this tutorial to prepare nail decals (made of nail polish). I cut out a couple of squares and triangles.

3) Apply two coats of essie on top half of thumb and middle finger.

4) Apply two coats of Maxfactor on index, ring and little fingers.

5) Add nail decals on thumb, index and middle fingers. For the bow on index finger, use two triangles.

6) Add glitters on every finger.

7) Apply top coat.

Nail Art: Having Fun with ◯ & △ 2

I call it ‘lazy’ nail art because for me, cutting polish decals and putting glitters take much less time than doing nail art that involve tapes (just because I don’t have to wait the polishes to dry in-between the process). Also, painting the tips in round shapes (like on my thumb, middle and little fingers) saves me some time and takes less effort. Hope you enjoyed the nail art for the week!


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  1. This is cute and funky!

  2. Hello Cynthia! I use Seche Vite :)

  3. Hi!

    I love your blog! What kind of top coat do you use?

  4. Yes, I came back to Japan in one piece :D Thanks for waiting for my return & for posting!!

  5. So glad your move went well and you’re in Japan! Posted these nails on my blog:)

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