Nov 07 2014

A Little Sneak Peak…

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Hello lovelies! First of all, as some of you may have noticed, I’m having some technical glitches on Small Good Things and you cannot use comment form at the moment. I’m seeking for help at my hosting company since I assume it’s server-side issue. I think comment form works fine now, but please let me know if there’s a problem via contact form. Thank you very much!

Apologise to you all who’ve tried to leave lovely comments, and thanks so much True Blue Me and You for notifying me on the problem (and for trying to leave comment for many times!). I’ll notify you here when it gets sorted out, and I’ll jump around in joy naked (ok, maybe not naked) if you came back and left some comments :)

Anyways, today I’m inviting you all for a sneak peak of my upcoming Etsy shop. I’m really excited to introduce you to my products, and I’m really hoping that you’ll like them, all fingers and toes crossed!

vintage swarovski earrings

Stud earrings with faux pearl backings; both blue flowers and green stones are vintage Swarovski pieces.

open rings with vintage swarovski stones

An open ring with vintage Swarovski stone and a star-shaped Swarovski crystal (left), and an open ring with a vintage aluminum charm and a brass bee (right).

open rings with pearls and vintage swarovski stones

A double-pearl rings (left) and an open ring with brass unicorn and a vintage Swarovski stone (right).

crocheted earrings with tassel

An asymmetric pair of crocheted earrings. The tassel is super cute in real life, too!

crocheted bracelets

And crocheted bracelets, comes in three colours.

A statement necklace made of faux pearls and cotton pearls, embellished with brass rabbits.

A Swarovski rhinestone bracelet with a vintage pendant and a cotton pearl.

A Swarovski rhinestone bracelet with a vintage pendant and a cotton pearl.

Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peak :) I’m still re-shooting photos and writing details and such, and my brain is going to explode soon, but my Etsy shop is going to open tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW! Oh deer, my knees are shaking at the thought…

I will announce here once the shop is open, and I’ll guide you through to the shop :) Please come back tomorrow for a special Etsy coupon code that I’ve created just for my dearest readers!


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  1. Thank you so much for the compliment, TrueBlueMe&You :) I’m still crossing my fingers and toes…!

  2. Emi – this jewelry is beautiful. I especially love the pearl necklace with the rabbits! I hope your new venture is wildly successful!

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