Nov 08 2014

My Etsy shop is… OPEN!

Hello lovelies, I finally did it and opened my own Etsy shop! YAYYYY!!!!

OK, it took me longer than I thought, and it’s actually nearly four o’clock in the morning here in Japan, and my brain is practically a jelly and doesn’t want to work for me anymore… But the shop is open, finally, and that’s what it counts, right? One missed beauty sleep will not kill me, and Yes, I DID IT!!!

So, here is my shop, leap Jewellery; please go ahead and have a look around :)

And, to celebrate the grand opening, I’ve created a special coupon code just for Small Good Things readers (because you guys have supported me so much and I always wanted to thank you for that :)).

So, here is the code:


You will receive 20% off (yay) for your entire purchase! The offer ends on 11/16 – I will be adding more items on Monday and Wednesday as well.


How to Apply a Coupon Code

1) Once you add an item to your cart, click Apply shop coupon code above Item total

2) Enter the coupon code and click Apply

3) The coupon discount will adjust your order total


I’m so excited and hope you will enjoy browsing my shop! And have a lovely weekend!!!

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