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Nov 11 2014

DIY Faux Mercury Glass

mercury glass diy
mercury glass diy

Hello lovelies! Today I’m introducing you to my new favourite DIY babies (nah, I’m not showing off just because they turned out nice. Really).

I’ve been in love with mercury glasses for quite some time now thanks to lots of eye candies on Pinterest, and although I’ve been eyeing lots of mercury glass jars and candleholders at shops, I’ve never found one that I truly loved (or shall I say, the design and the price were in bad marriage).

So, as usual, I tried and got my hands dirty; I followed these DIY instructions from The Landing Pad and 17 Appart.

So, this is BEFORE:

mercury glass diy

and AFTER:

mercury glass diy

The only downside was that I couldn’t find the most essential material – ‘Krylon looking glass spray’ that every DIYers seemed to be using. I’ve looked everywhere in Tokyo and on the Internet, but no. So I had to go with a normal silver spray, and of course my creations luck ‘mirror-like’ finish. But still, I somehow got the right weathered look of mercury glass, I think.

mercury glass diy
mercury glass diy

What do you say? Not too bad, right?

The silver tray now sits on a ‘grab and go’ section in the hallways where I display my favourite jewellery and perfume – I usually put something on from there at the last minute before rushing out.

Oh, and guess what, Mr T actually found the ‘looking glass spray’ the other day, right after I finished the project. Ah, you should’ve seen the grin on his face… :(


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