Nov 18 2014

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

Hello Lovelies! Today’s nail art is very simple and very ‘autumn-y’. As you guys must’ve noticed already, I can’t seem to stop myself from wearing more than one nail polish :) And I wanted to try and see if there was a colour combination that wasn’t too loud, even if worn five different colours on each hand.

And when I say five different colours…

This beautiful nail art always comes up in my head (image from Bejeweled Nails and Jewel Tone Manicure post from …Love Megan) – and no, I can’t believe that it was posted in 2012! The nail art looks really timeless and yes, it helps that her images are all so elegantly shot!

The colours I chose are more creamy, lighter tone of autumn colour combination. I’d love to try on Megan’s combination soon, probably in December (isn’t it perfect for parties?).

I used (from left):

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs
  • Seche Vite (as a top coat)
  • essie / Take It Outside (taupe)
  • essie / Very Cranberry (red)
  • essie / Style Cartel (deep blue)
  • essie / Mink Muffs (brown)
  • essie / Fall in Line (green)

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply two coats of polish on each finger.

LEFT: Fall in Line (green) on thumb, Mink Muff (brown) on index finger, Style Cartel (deep blue) on middle finger, Very Cranberry (red) on ring finger, and Take It Outside (taupe) on little finger.

RIGHT: Very Cranberry (red) on thumb, Take It Outside (taupe) on index finger, Fall in Line (green) on middle finger, Style Cartel (deep blue) on ring finger, and Mink Muff (brown) on little finger.

3) Place studs on each finger while the polishes are still wet.

4) Apply thick top coat.

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs
Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

‘Fall in Line’, ‘Style Cartel’ and ‘Take It Outside’ are from Essie’s 2014 fall collection (that’s probably why they look nicely balanced together), and I LOVE ‘Fall in Line’ so, so much. I’ve never felt so in love with green shaded polish, and even Mr T, who dislikes blues and greens on nails with passion, approves the creamy beauty.


Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

Also… yap, I couldn’t help myself but to get hold of ‘Very Cranberry’ at the first sight. It’s not a new colour, but I’ve only seen it online before, which is probably why I haven’t bought it till now. My photos don’t do it justice at all. This is way beyond my favourite red (well, cranberry) polish – but sadly the colour I’d wear only during winter season. Yes, you’ll be seeing lots of this colour from now on :) Such a shame that the colour doesn’t come out nicely on photos (they look just plain red on my photos, don’t they?)…

Nail Art: 5 Autumn Colours & Studs

And, of course, I have to apologise for my shameless promotion (I know, again!) :) These rings are all from my new Etsy shop, leap Jewellery: (on my left hand) Vintage Cross Charm Adjustable Ring, and Double cotton Pearl Open Ring.

(on my right hand) Vintage Swarovski Crystal Open Ring, and Vintage Flower Cabochon and Crystal Open Ring.

Hope you enjoyed the nail art tutorial :)


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  2. Hi :) I stumbled onto your blog and fell in love with all your nail art designs. Just want to let you know that I’m very inspired by it and am so glad you are posting nail related posts again! If it’s not too much trouble, please continue posting nail art posts ^^

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