Nov 20 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my Faux Fur Pearl Necklace tutorial last week, because today I’m sharing an easy and versatile faux fur earrings tutorial! These earrings would be glamorous and eye-catching at parties, and you can also casual down by matching them up with a pair of jeans :)


Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial
  • 2.5cm width faux fur trimming, approx 14cm (5.5inch) in length
  • 33mm round filigree metal findings
  • a pair of hoop earrings

(embellishments; anything that matches your fur is fine, of course! I’m using things below:)

  • triangle rhinestone
  • 8mm faux pearls x 10pcs
  • 2 eye pins
  • 10 headpins

(not in the photo)

  • a pair of scissors, flat nose pliers and round nose pliers
  • glue and a toothpick



Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

1) Let’s start by cutting the faux fur in half. To avoid fraying and cutting the fur too much, insert the scissors just under where backing trim is, and try to cut ‘just’ the trim (not the fur).

2) Gently pull out excess fur that are fraying from the sides (where you’ve just cut).

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

3) Apply glue on the backing trim, fold the trim in half, and set aside until the glue sets.

4) Next, with flat-nose pliers, gently fold the filigree metal findings in half, but not all the way.

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

5) Thread an eye pin through the centre of filigree.

6) Using a toothpick, apply glue inside the filigree metal findings.

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

7) Push the folded fur in between the filigree.

8) Using a pair of flat-nose pliers, close the filigree so that the fur is firmly sandwiched. Cover the filigree with a damp cloth if the glue is still wet; this way you don’t have to worry about your pliers getting sticky.

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

9) Now your earrings-to-be look like this.

10) Add a rhinestone using glue.

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

11) Using headpins, attach faux pearls to the filigree.

12) My filigree has five holes, so I’m attaching five faux pearls (you can arrange the embellishments to your liking to fit the filigree you use). And guess what, I just noticed that I used different colour pearl at the middle… How embarrassing!!!

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

13) When the glue is set, make the eye pin at the top into a loop using a pair of round-nose pliers. Thread it to the hoop earwire, and you’re done!

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

Ta-da! Really easy and mess free, right? Unless, that is, you use different coloured pearls unintentionally… Yap, I actually managed to use three of them… I seriously don’t know how this happened (they look very similar in real life, is my excuse)!

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

If you are more of a ‘sparkly’ type of gal rather than pearls, you could add crystals instead to make them more… well, sparkle!

Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings Tutorial

And, this is how they look on me :) I’m also wearing the faux pearl necklace from last week. I can’t decide if wearing them together like this is too much or not – what do you think?

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and more furry tutorials coming next week!

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