Nov 21 2014

What Gifts Tell About You

Chanel No.5

Happy Friday, lovelies! I was going to share a craft tutorial today, but no, I’m afraid I run out of time (sorry!). So instead, I’m sharing these photos of ‘vintage’ Chanel No.5s :)

Chanel No.5

These beautiful bottles belong to my grandmother-in-law, who I’ve never had the chance to meet in person (she had passed away long before I married Mr T). These bottles were left in her bookshelf, quietly waiting to be remembered; no one really knew the exact numbers, but Mr T guessed that they must be 20-40 years old.

Chanel No.5

My grandmother-in-law, I’ve heard so many times, was quite a character; elegant, stylish, thoughtful, wise, generous and stubborn in true classic-Tokyo-born way. But most significantly, many people gifted Chanel No.5 to show her their fondness or thanks. That act alone speaks more than a thousand words, I think. Ah, to be that lady!

Is there anything that you always seem to receive from your family or friends? I often receive, lo and behold, novelty pens :) And that, of course, speaks so much about me (and I absolutely ADORE these quirky pens)! At the same time, though, I’m kind of wishing that I’d grow into a lady who’d receive endless No.5…!

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