Nov 25 2014

Craft Tutorial: Faux Fur Earring Backings

Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

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OK, now, let’s move on to a quick craft tutorial, shall we? Hope you guys enjoyed my Faux Fur & Pearl Earrings and Faux Fur Pearl Necklace tutorial, because today I’m sharing another super easy faux fur tutorial. This time it’s earring backings – yes, you heard it, faux fur backings that goes with any (well, almost any) stud earrings you have!


Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial
  • 2.5cm width faux fur trimming, approx 10cm (3.9inch) in length
  • 2 butterfly backings
  • 2 ribbon crimp ends
  • 2 jump rings

(not in the photo)

  • a pair of scissors and flat nose pliers
  • glue and a toothpick



Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

1) First of all, cut the faux fur in half. To avoid fraying and cutting the fur too much, please refer to step1 & 2 on this tutorial. Apply glue on the backing trim, fold the trim in half, and set aside until the glue sets.

2) Insert the end of the trim inside the ribbon crimp end. Press and close the crimp end with flat-nose priers.


Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

3) Using jump rings, attach the crimp end to the butterfly backing. And… you’re done!

Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

I know. I was right to tell you that it was going to be super easy, right? Perfect for last-minute gifting or parties!

Faux Fur Earring Backings Tutorial

And this is how these faux fur backings look with stud earrings. I love how they glam up the earrings in an instant! And looks so ‘in’ as well :)

I recommend matching these with middle/big stud earrings so that the ribbon crimp ends won’t show, and small stud earrings might get buried in fur as well. I tried on with several earrings, and big, sparkly ones looked the best!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and have fun with faux fur!


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