Nov 26 2014

leap Jewellery: Gift Wrapping & Shipping Info

gift wrapping

Hello lovelies! Hope you guys are not too busy getting ready for Thanks Giving! Well, me? I’m not going to lie, it’s been 20 days (feels so much longer, though!) since my Etsy shop has opened, and I’m preparing for the big weekend like a mad woman (I really mean it).

But hard work aside, I feel like I’ve accomplished only a third of what I had planed in my head… there were so many things that I was supposed to include in my listing and so on, but no. ‘To-dos’ are endlessly piling up at the corner of my work desk (big sigh).

But. I’ve decided not to moan about it, and just get on with things, and do the best of the best I can :) My client list is nearly none-existent at the moment, and in another way that means I can really take time with the orders (or I’m hoping so!). The most exciting thing a tiny shop like mine can offer, I think, is giving a selection of complimentary gift wrapping and free gifts (even I’m excited by the sound of it!)! As busy as I am at the moment, I’m going to enjoy every moment of being a new shop owner in this special time of the year :)

So. I will be introducing how you could choose the complimentary gift wrapping in the next post – I’m making it a separate post because I want to link the how-to in my shop page. Sorry for making you jump!

Before I go, here is the reminder: use coupon code FLAMINGO for 30% off on everything on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and 25% off on Saturday and Sunday!!

And very important shipping info: I ship from Japan, and Registered Airmail takes 7-14 days to arrive, and EMS (Express) takes 4-7 days during normal season. So, if you want your items to arrive comfortably before Christmas, please follow these shipping deadlines:

  • the last day to order with Registered Airmail ($8.00) – December 2nd
  • the last day to order with EMS (Express, $15) – December 12th

I know these sound early, buy hey, you could finish your Christmas shopping early, too!

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