Jan 06 2015

Beautiful Mess…

Beautiful Mess…

Hello, lovelies! It’s a brand new beginning of the year, and I’m trying out new designs and new materials for my Etsy shop.

Beautiful Mess…
Beautiful Mess…

Is it a beautiful mess, or just a mess? These acrylic goodies had been laser cut neatly, and I was super excited to get my hands on them, my head spinning with greatest ideas or so it seemed, until I realised that I must first concentrate on taking off these backing sheets of paper and masking tapes… More mess was to be created, indeed.

Beautiful Mess…

And there came the loveliest geometric beauties, and it was well worth the mess :)

Beautiful mess...

I also ordered my shop logo to be cut out, and I love how they turned out – super clean and neat! I can’t afford a neon sign, but it is luminescent enough (well, for now!).

Hope you are enjoying 2015 as much as I do!


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3 Commnents to “Beautiful Mess…”

  1. I love the color. I would like to see some cool jewelry made from them. I really like the neon yellow green one. That’s really pretty. I like the pearl ideal. I like to see new things made from them
    And not the same old pearls. Lol! Hey keep up the great work.

  2. I love how you’re seizing the New Year momentum to try new things in your shop :)

    And the sign is so cute! Undoubtedly a great biz investment. How did you decide what kind of material to use and where to buy?

  3. They are so vibrant! Happy New Year!

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