Apr 14 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace top

Ever since Anthropologie opened its first London store in 2009, it has been giving me a great deal of pleasure and torment. Why? Because their products are truly inspiring, and also very expensive (well, for me, anyway). But then I discovered this brilliant blog yesterday, Flamingo Toes, where Bev the blog owner introduces lots of Anthropologie knockoffs with thorough how-to tutorials. After I found out that she has done a tutorial on my favourite necklace, there was no stopping for me.

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace Bev

This is Bev’s creation. Isn’t it just sweet?! For step-by-step instructions, please check her tutorial here (you can see the original Anthropologie design there as well). And all Bev’s tutorials are so easy to comprehend (even for a non-native English speaker like me) thanks to her thorough instructions and photos, I’m sure you’ll get inspired to make something new for yourself, too!

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace 1

I chose spring-ish colours for this one, but I’m already thinking about making darker and smaller version so that I can wear it with other necklaces.

Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace 2

I added a ribbon charm at the back for extra cuteness. Yes, I’m 30-something, but I still love girlie stuff!

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2 Commnents to “Anthropologie Knockoff Ribbon Necklace”

  1. I’m sooo glad you liked it, and thanks so much again for you tutorial in the first place! And a comment from the states?! I feel so GLOBAL!! Can’t wait to see your new creation, too :)

  2. Emi!! Your version is fabulous!! I absolutely adore the bow off the clasp. That is the perfect finish!!
    Thanks so much for the link too. ;) I am going to share this on my FB page and I’m going to follow along here – I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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