Apr 15 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Making Ribbon with Metal Balls

Metal Balls Ribbon top

This tutorial will show you how to create a ribbon motif using metal balls. I know, these balls are tiny; be extra careful not to knock the container over because that’ll be a serious disaster (don’t ask me why I know this)!

What You’ll Need

Metal Balls Ribbon tool
  • metal balls (I’m using silver balls)
  • a wood stick
  • tiny amount of water (or top coat)


Metal Balls Ribbon t-1Metal Balls Ribbon t-2

1) Dip the tip of the wood stick in the water, so that a metal ball will stick to it. You can use top coat to pick up the balls (that’s what it said on the instruction), but I think water works just fine, and it’s less messy.

2) Pick up one ball with the wood stick.

Metal Balls Ribbon t-3Metal Balls Ribbon t-4

3) Apply a tiny amount of top coat/base coat on the nail where you want the ball to be, and place the metal ball. The first ball will be the centre of the ribbon; make sure you place it in the middle otherwise the ribbon will be off-centred (you’ll see later… My first ball was a bit off the right!).

4) Repeat step 3. Don’t worry if you are not too sure if the balls are in the right place, because as long as the top coat/base coat isn’t dry, you can move the balls slightly.

Metal Balls Ribbon t-5Metal Balls Ribbon t-6

5) Yes, keep on going… It depends how big you want the ribbon to be, but I used 7 balls on each circle.

Metal Balls Ribbon t-7Metal Balls Ribbon t-8

6) Add more balls, and the end is near!

7) Apply thick top coat. When I say thick, it should be plenty.

Metal Balls Ribbon t-9Metal Balls Ribbon t-10

8) See? I know it’s a lot, but this will definitely secure the balls.

9) When it’s dry, the top coat will somehow shrink like this. And yes, you are done!

Metal Balls Ribbon real nail

This is how the ribbon looks like on my real nails.

Metal Balls Ribbon tool2

And this is the metal balls I used. If you are new to metal balls, they are vey cheap compared to other nail art materials, so I really recommend them. I got these back in Japan a few years ago and I think they were about 3 pound (and look how many are there!).

And my tips are: 1) base coat sticks stronger than top coat 2) apply a thin top coat everyday so that the balls won’t come off. Good luck, and have a lovely weekend!

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Making Ribbon with Metal Balls”

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