Mar 04 2011

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day3

Let' spell out, shall I? project, letter 'a'

It’s day 3 of the Let’s spell out, shall I? project, and this a is the best result so far. When I was deciding on which font to use in this project, I thought lowercase characters were much cuter than uppercase characters, and also thought that they suited the style of the site and the perky colours of the wool I wanted to use.

I started making the letters without much consideration, but then I realised, unfortunately, that the lowercase characters were much more difficult to make than uppercase characters; as you know, uppercase characters are simper in shape (they have less curves and negative spaces) so that more straightforward to make.

Well, to be brutally honest, I even thought about putting my tail between my legs and start over the project! But after tackling the letter a today, my confidence is back (for the moment…). Sometimes you have to love a challenge in crafts, don’t you think?

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