Apr 26 2011

Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige

Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige top

I love nails with lots of sparkles, all shiny and glossy. But today, I felt like having matte-finish nails because… I don’t know, they look soft, retro and contemporary at the same time. I’ve added some rhinestones (because I cannot not) but they still look simple and pretty, I hope. If you don’t have a matte-finish top coat, I assure you that it’d be a great investment because you can enjoy your nail polish twice as much!

What I used (from right)

Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige polish

  • nails inc. /Mushroom
  • TopShop / Sketch
  • Rimmel London/ Matte Finish

To Get the Look

1) Apply a base coat.

2) Apply two coats of Mushroom on your thumb, index finger and little finger. Apply two coats of Sketch on your middle and ring finger.

3) Add one rhinestone on the edge of each finger.

4) Apply thick Matte Finish top coat.

Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige 1
Nail Art: Matte Gray & Beige 2

I love the way the matte-finish nails look and feel like frosted glass. Quality!

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