May 03 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Extraterrestrial Hoops’

Extraterrestrial Hoops top

Happy May everyone! Now that the Royal Wedding is over, I’m focusing on getting ready for my best friend’s wedding, which is taking place in less than three weeks’ time. I’ve been looking around everywhere like crazy for the ‘perfect’ accessory for the special occasion, and I found a fantastic pair of earrings from, you guessed it, Anthropologie with not-so-fantastic price-tag. So, in order to save a few precious pennies, I’ve decided to make them myself.


This is the glorious original version (photo credit:  Anthropologie). It’s super cute, but the £24 price-tag is not so cute (I need to buy a bag and shoes, too, you know?).

What you’ll need

Extraterrestrial Hoops tool
  • a pair of hoop earrings
  • beads of your choice
  • beading wire (I’m using 28 gauge Artistic Wire from Beadalon)
  • A pair of flat-nose pliers
  • A pair of round-nose pliers
  • A pair of wire cutters


Extraterrestrial Hoops t-1Extraterrestrial Hoops t-2

1) Cut the wire to 15cm length, and wrap it around the hoop a few times.

2) Using flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers, wind the wire tightly to the hoop for about 4-5 times. It should be winded as tightly and neatly as possible, in order to prevent the beads from sliding down along the hoop.

Extraterrestrial Hoops t-3Extraterrestrial Hoops t-4

3) After winding the wire, cut off the excess with a wire cutter, and squeeze down the newly cut tip to make it lie flat so that no sharp edge sticks out.

4) Add your beads to the wire.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 5Extraterrestrial Hoops 6

Extraterrestrial Hoops 7Extraterrestrial Hoops 8

5) After adding the third bead, thread the wire through the first bead.

6) Pull the end of the wire with the pliers so that the beads are tied together tightly.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 9Extraterrestrial Hoops 10

7) Thread the wire through the second bead, then wrap the wire to the hoop a few times. Thread the wire to the third bead, then wrap the wire to the hoop a few times.

8) Using flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers, wind the wire to the hoop as tightly as possible for about 4-5 times.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 11Extraterrestrial Hoops 12

9) Repeat the process (step 1 to 8) on the opposite side of the hoop.

10) For the bottom part, repeat step 1 to 3, then add three beads to the wire.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 13Extraterrestrial Hoops 14

11) Wrap the wire to the hoop a few times.

12) Bend the wire to the opposite direction, and add two more beads.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 15Extraterrestrial Hoops 16

13) Wrap the wire to the hoop a few times, then thread it through the fifth bead.

14) Wrap the wire to the hoop.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 17

15) I didn’t wrap the drop-shape crystal to the hoop because I wanted it to swing, but if you want to secure your bead in the middle, wrap it to the hoop. Using flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers, wind the wire to the hoop as tightly as possible for about 4-5 times.

Extraterrestrial Hoops 1

Repeat all the steps for the other hoop, and voila! You have a new gorgeous pair of earrings!

Extraterrestrial Hoops 2

It was so easy and straightforward to make that I also made a pair in pink tones. Hope you’ll enjoy making one, too!

I’m linking this tutorial on my favourite blog, Flamingo Toes; visit there for LOADS more inspirational tutorials!

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‘Extraterrestrial Hoops’”

  1. i just love the unique jewelry and the tutorials

  2. You could make your own wire hoops out of jewelry wire. I just cannot remember what wire gauge I use. Just a thought. I hope you all have a great day.

  3. Hi Cass! Unfortunately, I got these hoops back in Japan so I have no idea where you can purchase them anywhere else… Sorry I’m not much of a help :( Hope you’ll find something similar, or even better!

  4. Love this knock off! Just Pretty! Where did you purchase you hoops from?

  5. They look lovely! I love Anthro knock offs!

  6. i am going to buy some beads so i can make these. they are gorgeous!

  7. Definitely cuter than the original!

  8. Ooooh! I am so in love with your earrings! I am definitely making these. Yours are waaaaaay cuter than the Anthro version!
    Thanks so much for linking up – and for saying I was your favorite blog. What a sweetie!!
    I’m sharing these on my FB page!

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