May 04 2011

Wedding Project:
Organza Flower Headband Tutorial

Organza Flower Headband top

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my best friend’s wedding is coming up in less than three weeks. So today, I made a headband with an organza flower feature for the special day; it looks cute yet elegant (ie, perfect for a wedding), don’t you think? It was such a fun to make the organza flower that I’m already thinking what I could use these for other projects! You can wear it as a hairpin, a bracelet, a belt… OK, I’m getting a bit too excited here, but hope you’ll get as excited as I am making the headband, too!

You Will Need:

(for organza flower)

  • organza (cheap nylon one melts more easily, by my experience)
  • tea light
  • beads (I used three pearls)
  • thread and needle
  • bowl of water (just in case!)

(for headband)

  • elastic string (about 35cm)
  • trim for the headband (about 35cm)
  • 5cm trim, in matching colour with the elastic string
  • thread and needle
  • lovely organza flower you’ve just made


Organza Flower Headband t-1Organza Flower Headband 2

1) Let’s start by cutting out petals for the flower. You’ll need three different sizes; 1.5 x 2.5cm for small, 2 x 3.5cm for medium, 3 x 4.5cm for big petals. Cut out six petals for each size.

2) It’s quite difficult to cut organza (or is it just me?), but the petals don’t have to be exactly the same shape, because it will shrink later anyway!

Organza Flower Headband 3Organza Flower Headband 5

3) Light a tea light, hold one piece at a time over the candle flame and slowly rotate it until all the edges are melted nicely. Be careful not to touch the flame directly because it will burn; the organza will start melting 2 to 4 cm away from the flame.

4) If you leave it too long or too close to the flame, organza will burn like this (or if unlucky, will set on fire!). Please keep a bowl of water within reach, just in case!

Organza Flower Headband 6Organza Flower Headband 7

5) Next, stack three small petals and stitch in the middle.

6) Stack the rest of the three small petals underneath and stitch in the middle.

Organza Flower Headband 9Organza Flower Headband 11

7) Repeat the process for the middle and large petals.

Organza Flower Headband 12Organza Flower Headband 13

8) Sew your beads or pearls into place.

I used a pink thread for the tutorial, but please use neutral colour thread for your flower! This is how the flower looks with a white thread.

Organza Flower Headband 14Organza Flower Headband 15

9) Next, make a circle with the elastic string and tie a knot.

10) Fold the circle in half, and sew it together. Sew only the outside (the black part) otherwise the elastic get easily broken.

Organza Flower Headband 16Organza Flower Headband 17

11) Wrap and sew the trim around the knot you’ve just sewn.

12) Put the edge of the trim (about 2cm) through one side of elastic circle, and stitch the end bit.

Organza Flower Headband 18Organza Flower Headband 19

13) Repeat the process on the other side of elastic circle and trim.

14) The end is near, everyone! Sew the organza flower on the trim, wherever you fancy.

Organza Flower Headband 1

Mmm… Do I smell victory? Yeeeees! Maybe I should make a matching bracelet as well…


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