May 10 2011

Nail Art Tutorial:
Gradation with Glitter Powder

Gradation with Glitter Powder top

Hello lovelies! Today’s tutorial will show you how to make gradation nails using glitter powder. The method for making the gradation effect is pretty much the same with using nail polishes (you can read the tutorial on this post), but if you are new to the glitter powders I’m sure you’ll love the effects and how easy they are to use!

What I used

Gradation with Glitter Powder polish

LA Splash / 16022 Ocean Sprinkles

* You will also need a top coat; I keep a cheap top coat just for the powder use since the glitter will get inside the bottle.

To Get the Look

1) Apply one coat of base coat (this is very important! It will make it so much easier to take off the glitters later).

Gradation with Glitter Powder t-6Gradation with Glitter Powder t-5

2) Dip the tip of the top coat brush in the glitter powder.

This should be enough amount of powder for each coat. But if your nails are long/large, put more powder as you go along.

Gradation with Glitter Powder t-1Gradation with Glitter Powder t-2

3) Apply the powder on 4/5 of the nail.

4) Apply the second coat of the powder on 3/5 of the nail.

Gradation with Glitter Powder t-3Gradation with Glitter Powder t-4

5) Apply the third coat on the tip of the nail. At this point, dab the powder rather than paint. If the powder sticks on too heavily on one place, you can smooth it by applying top coat.

6) Apply thick top coat, and it’s done! If the surface is still rough with glitters, apply more top coat.

Gradation with Glitter Powder 1

This is how the gradation looks on my real nails. They are more blue in the real eyes, but my camera (or maybe it’s me…) didn’t pick up the colour…

The thing I love most about using glitter powder is that it last long; it usually last for about two weeks, so it’s perfect for a long, stress-free holiday. And you can mix the glitters with nail polishes or with other glitters, so the possibilities are endless :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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