Mar 06 2011

Bead Ring Tutorial: Make a ring in 10 mins!

Bead Ring Tutorial

Every girl deserves a new ring once in a while (are you listening to me, hubby?), but sadly, just because we deserve it doesn’t mean that we can always have it. So today, I’m going to introduce a ring that you can make in ten minutes (or less!). It’s super easy to make and it’d be a perfect present for your girlfriends, too. I hope you’ll enjoy making lots of it and spread your handmade love to your loved ones!

What you’ll need

Bead Ring Tutorial2
  • Beads of your choice (I used 2 beads per ring)
  • Headpins (1 headpin per bead)
  • Jump rings (1 per ring)
  • Chain (about 5-7cm per ring)
  • A piece of paper or a piece of string
  • A pair of pliers
  • A pair of old scissors (cutting chains may damage the blade, so don’t use new ones!), or a wire cutter


Bead Ring Tutorial3

1) Measure your finger; wrap a piece of paper/ a string around your finger, then cut it to the length. Cut the chain to the same length as the paper/ string.

Bead Ring Tutorial4

2) Using the pliers, gently open the jump ring by pulling one end. Put both ends of the chain through the jump ring. Don’t close the jump ring just yet!

Bead Ring Tutorial5

3) Arrange your beads on the headpins.

Bead Ring Tutorial6

4) Leaving about 1cm above the bead, snip off the excess headpin with the scissors/ wire cutter. Grasp the end of the headpin with the pliers, then twist it in a circular motion until the end of the headpin forms a small loop.

Bead Ring Tutorial7

5) Hang the headpin loop on the jump ring, then close the opening with the pliers.

Bead Ring Tutorial8

And voila! You have a new ring!

Bead Ring Tutorial9

I made the blue one with a star for my girlfriend, and this purple one for myself (the ring holders are the ones I made on this post).

I chose thin chains so that it’d look delicate and not overpowering when layered with other rings (I like wearing 2 or 3 rings on one finger). Also, I wanted them to be pinky rings; thinner the ring, thinner the little fingers look!

After I started living in the UK, I noticed that it’s quite rare to find pinky rings in shops here (pinky rings are very popular back in Japan). I’ve heard that, according to feng shui, the happiness and good luck enter your body from your right little finger, and go out from your left little finger, and that wearing a ring on the left little finger helps good luck stay longer within you.

I don’t know how much of this is true, but I believe in anything positive (yay!), and it will be a bonus if my little creation keeps my friend happy!

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  1. They are so easy to make that you could easily make a couple for each season :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your little pinky rings are so cute. I haven’t seen rings made with chain before. Cute and simple. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very cute…I am just looking through your blog….and I really love it

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