May 11 2011

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial top

I have quite a lot of odd bits of scrap fabrics to use, so today I’m having a tutorial on hair scrunchies. I know, it’s one of the simplest sewing projects ever! Today’s tutorial will show you how to make the ‘basic of the basic’ scrunchies, and I’ll be having a tutorial on ‘pimped’ version tomorrow. Have nice scrunchies time, everyone!

You’ll Need:

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 1
  • fabric 10 x 50cm
  • elastic cord 15 – 20cm
  • safety pin


Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 2

1) Fold fabric in half widthwise, right sides facing. With 1cm seam allowance, sew the edges.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 3

2) Place the sewn edges to the middle.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 4

3) Fold the top fabric twice.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 5

4) Fold the bottom fabric over the top fabric.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 6

5) With 1cm seam allowance, sew along the cut edge. Please be careful not to sew the folded top fabric inside, and sew only the outside bit!

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 7

6) When you sew up to 5 – 6cm from the bottom (as seen in photo),

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 8

gently pull out the fabric from bottom, and continue sewing the outside fabric edges. Repeat this until you have 4 – 5cm opening left.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 9

7) Now your fabric will look like this.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 11

8) Now, this is my favourite bit. Pull out the fabric from the opening.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 12

You will suddenly have a loop!

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 14

9) Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the opening and all around the loop. Tie a knot in the end of the string.

Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial 15

And voila, you are done!

It’s so easy (it took me about 10 mins to make one) I made two :) Wait for tomorrow’s tutorial for ‘pimped-up’ scrunchies!

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10 Commnents to “Fabric Hair Scrunchie Tutorial”

  1. i didnt understand how you made this :(
    maybe with a video or more pictures and steps it would be easier…
    ohh please please i need to do this!
    love your blog!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! The only thing I’m wondering is how you close it up at the end once you’ve put the elastic through… There doesn’t seem to be instructions for that.

    Also it is to note that this makes a very small scrunchie, good for someone with not a lot of hair, or a child. Turned out super cute!

  3. This is such a find! I have studied the manufactured scrunchie, but was unable to figure out how it’s made. Thanks

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was looking all over for a scrunchie tutorial with hidden seams (like in stores). It took a few tries, but it came out great. Put up a few more pics to show what’s going on between steps 3-5. Please make a Youtube video and link it here. Thanks so much!

  5. I love scruchies – they don’t hurt my head like elastics – I’ve been looking for a way to make them without having to hand sew them. thank you so much!

  6. The 90s are back on the runway for 2014. I will avoid dressing in the style but yesterday for the first time ever I wore a scrunchie. I am growing my hair out and wanted to get it away from my face. I was going out and it was a windy day. A pre-loved scrunchie saved the day.

    This afternoon I made my first ever scrunchie using this very simple to follow tutorial. Thank you so much for your instructions.

  7. Great instructions, best ones Ive seen for scrunchie with hidden seams great

  8. I love hair scrunchies! I’m glad that there are others out there who still wear them! You can take a peek at my hair scrunchie tutorial at my blog, Reagan’s Originals.

  9. Yap, scrunchies died back in the 1990’s but they came back (and big time, as well) a few years ago at least in Japan – and I’m more than happy to admit that I love them :D

  10. Great stash buster, but please leave scrunchies back in the 1990’s where they belong!

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