May 16 2011

Bead Ring Tutorial:
Pearl Ring That Brings Happiness

Pearl Ring top

Time flies by, literally, and my best friend’s wedding is taking place this weekend. I always wanted to give her something special, not as a wedding gift but as a last present as a single woman. After a long thought, I decided to make her a pinky ring with pearls and turquoise; something simple yet timeless and meaningful.

I’ve heard that, according to feng shui, the happiness and good luck enter your body from your right little finger, and exit out from your left little finger, and that wearing a ring on the left little finger helps good luck stay longer within you.

Pearls do not only symbolise faith and honesty (perfect for a wedding), but also they are my friend’s astral stone (she’s a Gemini). Turquoise is a symbol of friendship, and I heard that turquoise would bring out its power as a protection amulet to the maximum if given from someone close. Also, turquoise happens to be my astral stone (I’m a Sagittarius)!

Yes, it only takes about five minutes to make the ring, but that doesn’t mean that my heart isn’t in it!

What you’ll need

Pearl Ring tool
  • freshwater pearls (I’m using 11 pearls)
  • one turquoise
  • one crimp bead
  • bead string cord, about 10cm
  • A pair of flat-nose pliers


Pearl Ring t-1Pearl Ring t-2

1) Thread pearls and a turquoise to the bead string cord (five pearls, a turquoise, then six pearls).

2) Thread a crimp bead with both ends of string cord.

Pearl Ring t-3

3) Pull the ends of cords so that the beads form a tight hoop. Using flat-nose pliers, squeeze and close the crimp bead.

Pearl Ring 1

Yes, that’s it. You’re done! I told you it only takes about five minutes, no?

Pearl Ring 2

To make it a little bit more special, I made a ring pillow.

Pearl Ring 3

Here it is, my tiny, special gift to my special friend. Hope the ring brings a lot of happiness to her :)

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Pearl Ring That Brings Happiness”

  1. Thanks so much for this great idea. So easy and so quick. How many can I make tonight?!

  2. Thanks for featuring my ring! I’ve just checked your post, and all the DIYs are fab!!

  3. How I love that kind of pearls <3 Thanks for sharing this tutorial :) I linked it in a serie I'm writing for my blog ( I hope you don't mind!

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