May 17 2011

Hooray for Shoes Clips!

Shoes Clips top

There are only three days left for my friend’s wedding; I got a dress, a clutch bag, jewellery, and a pair of… shoes? Mmm… OK, I do have shoes, but they don’t really shout ‘it’ to me. Panic, no, let’s not panic.

After a few hours of (panicky) internet searching, I suddenly found a way out: shoes clips! This way, I could sex up my shoes without spending much, and I could take them off when I want the original design. So, hooray for shoes clips!

Shoes Clips 2

I made these clips using the colours from the shoes I’m going to wear (black, purple, pink and gold). It took me about 40 minutes to make them, and cost hardly anything because these materials were from my craft stash.

Shoes Clips shoes2

This is the plain version,

Shoes Clips 3

and this is the ‘bling’ version.

Shoes Clips shoes


Shoes Clips 4

to this.

I love how they turned out! I can’t wait to make some more shoes clips to transform my other shoes, as well. When I get more shoes clip findings, I will have a tutorial :)

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