May 19 2011

Nail Art: Party Moon Nails

Party Moon Nails 1

Two more days for my friend’s wedding, and today nothing holds me back; I’m going to put all ‘it’s time to party’ spirit on to my nails. I’m going to wear a simple black dress, so my bright nails with lots of sparkles won’t crash with the dress (relieved sigh).

What I used (from left)

Party Moon Nails polish

  • Paul & Joe/ 17
  • kiss/ 03

To Get the Look:

1) Apply a base coat.

2) Apply two coats of Paul & Joe on each nail.

3) Draw a thin line along the moon nail edges (except on thumb and ring finger) with kiss.

4) Add rhinestones and glitters on each nail, then apply a thick top coat.

Party Moon Nails 3

If you have tried creating polka dots with nail polishes without a success, why not try using glitters like this design? I got these glitters from a craft shop (they are super cheap, as you can imagine) and they are really easy to handle. Maybe I should post a tutorial on polka dots… Anyways, hope you like my party nails!

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