May 30 2011

Nail Art: ‘Pretty in Pink’ Wedding

Pretty in Pink Nail top

At my friend’s wedding that took place last week, I had the opportunity to paint the bride’s nails. Her request was 1) pink 2) simple 3) pretty; she liked the nails (big relief!) but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to take photos. So I decided to recreate the design on my nails today.

What I used

Pretty in Pink Nail polish

  • Paul & Joe / 003
  • white flower nail stickers

To Get the Look:

1) Apply a base coat.

2) Apply 3 to 5 coats of 003 and create gradation (for gradation art tutorial, please read this post) .

3) While the polishes are still wet, add rhinestones on the tip of your fingers except on thumb and ring fingers.

4) When the nails are completely dry, place nail stickers on your thumb and ring finger.

5) Apply tiny amount of base/top coat on the nail stickers and add rhinestones.

6) Apply a thick top coat.

Pretty in Pink Nail 3

Adding rhinestones on the stickers is optional, of course, but I think this little touch makes such a big difference. I don’t usually use stickers because they can look tacky, but when they work (especially 3D stickers), they really bring the design into a new level!

Pretty in Pink Nail 2

I think this design will work well in nude or white spangle polishes as well. And if you have short nails like me, the gradation art makes the fingers look so much longer. Yes, the gradation takes a bit more time to dry than normal nails, but I promise you, you won’t regret it!

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