May 31 2011

Sewing Project Update: 64 Yoyos

Big Yoyos top

Do you remember lots and lots of fabric circles I cut on last week’s post for a new sewing project?

Big Yoyos 2

Yes, these. I worked my hats off during the weekend, and ta-da! I can proudly announce that I turned all these bigger circles (the bottom bits) into yoyos!

Big Yoyos 1

There are 64 of them, the yoyos. I timed myself, and if there weren’t any distractions (i.e. really funny/important things on telly, my mum calling from Japan or too hungry to sew) I could make 12 yoyos in an hour. Is it too slow, or is it quite productive? I couldn’t tell because I have never made any yoyos with someone (shame!).

Big Yoyos 4

Anyways, I still have 55 small circles to go (yay…). Hopefully it won’t take as much time as the bigger circles!

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