Jun 02 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: White Lacy Wedding

White Lacy Wedding top

For today’s wedding nail art tutorial, I’m going to introduce an easy and quick way to make your nails extra special by using lace nail stickers. The things I associate with lace are; class, elegance, a bit of girlyness… Sounds perfect for weddings!

What I used

White Lacy Wedding polish

  • Paul & Joe / 003

To Get the Look:

White Lacy Wedding t-1White Lacy Wedding t-2

1) Apply one coat of base coat, and when the nails are dry, apply two coats of 003.

2) When the nails are completely dry, place the lace stickers using tweezers.

White Lacy Wedding t-3White Lacy Wedding t-4

3) For the thumb, put two lace stickers vertically.

4) Apply a tiny amount of base/top coat and place three pearl stones between the lace stickers.

White Lacy Wedding t-5White Lacy Wedding t-6

5) For the index finger, I put the lace at an angle, then added three rhinestones.

6) For the middle finger, two stickers horizontally.

White Lacy Wedding t-7White Lacy Wedding t-8

7) And for the ring finger, three lace motifs and rhinestones so that it looks like a bouquet.

8) Finally, for the little finger, two stickers at an angle.

I love these pearl stones I used for the thumb, but I must admit that I don’t use them as much as I use rhinestones. I thought about it for a while, then realised that it’s probably because I don’t really have many nail polishes that go well with pearls. Mmm…shopping? Anyways, I Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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  1. Hi small good things.
    I loved your lacy nails. Where did you source the motifs? I’m getting married and I can’t find these motifs anywhere and I would really love them for my wedding.
    Any help much appreciated.
    Many thanks and kind regards


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