Jun 07 2011

Sewing Project Update: 55 Mini Yoyos

55 Mini Yoyos 2

It’s been almost two weeks since I made lots of fabric circles, and today I finally finished turning them into mini-size yoyos.

55 Mini Yoyos 1

There are 55 of them, the yoyos. But because they are mini-size versions, they don’t look enough to make it into a quilt… Should I panic? Maybe later…

55 Mini Yoyos 3

The left one is the bigger yoyo I made last week, and the right one is the mini one. Now I have to face the hardest part; stitching these yoyos together. I think that actual quilting will take a bit longer than making yoyos, so will have to enjoy the process in order to finish the project. Wish me luck!


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