Jun 20 2011

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
‘Poppy Mallow Bobbies’

Poppy top

I went to Anthropologie the other day, and fell in love with one of their new hair accessories. And, as a ritual, I asked myself this; can I make this, and if so, would it be cheaper to make one myself? The answer was YES. So, ready or not, here comes the very easy but lengthy tutorial!

Poppy anthro

This is the original version (photo credit: Anthropologie). I couldn’t find it on the UK website, and I couldn’t remember how much it cost as well (oops). It’s $15 for a pair in the US, and I’m 100% sure that it’s more expensive in the UK (as most stuffs are).

For my version, it didn’t cost me a thing; I made it in a way that I could use my craft stash because I’m cheap so that I didn’t have to buy anything.

You will need:

  • satin, about 5 x 7 cm

* I used wide polyester satin ribbon. Cheap polyester satins melt very easily, which suit this project.

  • satin trimmings, twice the length of your hair pin
  • 2 hairpins
  • beads (I used one sew-on rhinestone, two headpins with rhinestones, and a bead cap)
  • pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters
  • double-sided tape
  • glue gun
  • tea light
  • thread and needle
  • bowl of water (just in case!)


Poppy t-1Poppy t-2

1) Let’s start by cutting out petals for the poppies. For the small poppy, you’ll need (roughly) 1.8 x 1.3cm and 1.5 x 1cm rectangles, and 2.5 x 2cm, 2 x 1.7cm, and 1.3 x 1.3cm rectangles for medium poppy. They don’t have to be perfectly shaped, just go with the flo!

2) Trim the edges of the rectangles to make oval shapes. Again, don’t worry too much about getting them perfectly shaped because the edges will melt/shrink later.

Poppy t-3Poppy t-4

3) For a large poppy, I used a spool as a guide.

4) They are 3.5cm, 3cm, and 2.1cm in diameter.

Poppy t-5Poppy t-6

5) Now, this is my favourite process! Light a tea light, hold one piece of petal at a time at the bottom of the candle flame and slowly rotate it until all the edges are melted nicely. Be careful not to touch the flame directly and aim for the blue part of the flame otherwise it will burn; satin will start melting about 1cm away from the flame.

Also, please keep a bowl of water near you, just to be safe!

6) Now, hold the petal, one at a time, over the candle flame (about 5cm above) until it curls up.

Poppy t-7Poppy t-8

7) You can control how curly the petals to be by how long you keep them above the flame.

8) For small petals, use tweezers so that you won’t burn your fingers J

Poppy 9Poppy 10

Now you have these nice and tidy petals ready for the next step!

*If you don’t have headpins with rhinestones, or want to use beads/sew-on rhinestones only, please follow step 22 and 26, then go back to step 15.

Poppy t-9Poppy t-10

9) Let’s start with a middle poppy. Layer the petals and put a marking pin through the petals, then wiggle the pin side to side in order to make a small hole.

10) Take off the marking pin, and put a headpin through the hole.

Poppy 11Poppy 12

11) When finished adding all three petals to the headpin, cut the end of the headpin leaving about 1cm.

12) Using round-nose pliers, make a small loop with the headpin.

Poppy 13Poppy 14

13) Then, using flat-nose pliers, lay the loop as flat as possible (sorry, the loop is still standing in the photo!).

14) The medium poppy is done! Repeat step 9 to 13 for the small poppy.

Poppy 15Poppy 16

15) Open up a hairpin.

16) Melt both ends of satin trimmings with a candle flame/lighter, then stick on some double-sided tapes.

Poppy 17Poppy 18

17) Start wrapping the trimmings around the hairpin.

18) Add double-sided tape as you go along, and wrap the trimmings as tightly as possible.

Poppy 19Poppy 20

19) When you finish wrapping the trimmings, close the hairpin with flat-nose pliers.

20) Put some glue at the back of medium and small poppies with a glue gun.

Poppy 21Poppy 22

21) Stick them to the hairpin, and you have one pin done!

* If you don’t have a glue gun, you can also sew the poppies and the hairpin together. My needle got quite sticky from the double-sided tape though…

22) Now, it’s time for the large poppy. Layer the three petals and stitch them together at the middle.

Poppy 23Poppy 24

23) For ‘faux-cubic-zirconia’ look, I’m using this bead cap. You can use any shape/size bead cap as long as it’s big enough to cover your rhinestone.

24) Using flat-nose pliers, gently open the bead cap.

Poppy 25Poppy 26

25) Place a rhinestone (mine is sew-on one, but hot-fix ones look better, I think) on the flattened bead cap, then gently curve the cap around the rhinestone with your finger.

26) Sew the rhinestone on the poppy.

Poppy 27

27) Then sew the poppy and hairpin together. And you are finally done!!

Poppy 0
Poppy 2

I also made pearly versions (I couldn’t resist!). I know that the process is long, but I assure you, it’s super easy and it’s well worth the effort! In fact, writing this tutorial is taking much longer than actually making all these hairpins (to be perfectly honest with you, there are some tutorials that I want to post but I can’t; just imagining writing these complicated process in English scare the daylights out of me!).

Anyway, please be extra careful when melting satin; nothing is worth burning your fingers or setting a house on fire, seriously.

Also, I’m linking this tutorial to Flamingo Toes: my treasure hunt and creative haven. Happy craft lovelies!

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‘Poppy Mallow Bobbies’”

  1. Very fun! We’ve featured this today on Copycat Crafts :) http://www.copycatcrafts.com/anthropologie-inspired-bobby-pins/

  2. Thanks very much, Madj R :)

  3. Beautiful idea and precise and easy to follow. Keep up the great job. I loved it!

  4. Hi Emi, Yet another fantastic tutorial that I would like to feature and link back! Okay?

    The use of a bead cap is clever!


  5. Thank you Stephanie H, you made my day! Writing the blog in English is still hard for me (takes bloody long time, I tell you) but at the same time the effort really worth it, thanks to the kind, lovely readers like you :)

  6. these are beautiful. Do not worry about your english the pictures are very helpful and your english is very very clear. I have a lot of issues with spelling and things but I still write and have even been published. Thanks for the tip.

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