Mar 08 2011

Bead Earring Tutorial:
Upcycle your earring in 10 mins!

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 1

I was sorting out my jewelry box, and realised that I have quite a few earrings that I love, but not wear much. Most of them are simple stud earrings; although they are easy to match with any outfit, thanks to its simplicity, I just got bored of them because of that after a while. Then I came up with a simple solution; let’s upcycle the butterfly catches! In this way, if I want to wear the original version again, I can just pop on ‘normal’ butterfly catches (or ear nuts). I can also mix-and-match the butterfly catches with other earrings – it’s a win-win upcycle, no?

What you’ll need

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 2
  • A pair of butterfly catches (I made 2 pairs)
  • Beads of your choice
  • Headpins or eye pins
  • Jump rings (1 per butterfly catch)
  • Chain (as long as you wish the ‘drops’ to be)
  • A pair of pliers
  • A pair of old scissors (cutting chains may damage the blade, so don’t use new ones!), or a pair of wire cutters


Earing Upcycle Tutorial 3

1) Add your beads to headpins.

Earing Upcycle Tutorial 4

2) Leaving about 1cm above the bead, snip off the excess headpin with the scissors/ wire cutter. Grasp the end of the headpin with the pliers, then twist it in a circular motion until the end of the headpin forms a small loop.

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 5

3) Using the pliers, gently open a jump ring by pulling one end. Put it through the butterfly catch. Don’t close the jump ring just yet!

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 5

All the parts are now ready to be assembled!

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 7

4) Add the chain to the headpin loop, then close the opening with the pliers.

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 8

5) Add the chain to the jump ring, then close the opening with the pliers.

Earring Upcycle Tutorial 9

Voila! Easy-peasy, don’t you think? I made the gold pair asymmetric in length to make it a little bit more interesting. I cannot wait to make dozens more so that I can mix-and-match everyday!


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11 Commnents to “Bead Earring Tutorial:
Upcycle your earring in 10 mins!”

  1. Thank you, Nixa L :)

  2. Omg! You r amazing, too cool. I love this!!!!

  3. You’re right, Marcy! My excuse is that it was my first ever tutorial and I didn’t really know how to explain it in English (you can actually see that I didn’t pull the rings open in the photos) :D Thanks for mentioning it, though :)

  4. I was taught to open jump rings front to back instead of pulling it away. Doing it the way you do weakens the ring and if done a few times will break.
    Love your idea though. :-)

  5. Thank you, Judy :)

  6. Genius!

  7. Thank you, Pearl :)

  8. Another great idea to share on my blog! I wouldn’t have thought to use chains this way! Pearl

  9. Thank you, Lynne Rae :) Hope you enjoy upcycling your earrings!

  10. Great idea. I wish I had thought of it, but glad you did!!! Can not wait to see what I can up cycle!

  11. OMG I have made something very similar and I had sched the tutorial post to come up in a weeks time…take a look sometime

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