Jun 21 2011

Sewing Project Update:
The End of Yoyo Quilts…?

End of Yoyo 3

OK, I finally finished sewing together all the yoyos I made (55mini-size yoyos and 66 big yoyos). However, HOWEVER, it came out WAY smaller than I imaged it would be. I know, I know, I should have planned how many yoyos I needed at the beginning. Obviously. My ‘go with the flo’ style of crafting was never going to work for a project like quilting!

End of Yoyo  1

This is the (not so) finished yoyo quilt.

End of Yoyo 2

And this is how small the quilt is; the same size as my chair… And I’m ashamed to tell you that it was supposed to be a small blind-type curtain for the kitchen.

I finally did some quick calculation, and realised that it needed to be at least four times bigger!! Funny that… Oh well, I shall live on and start making more yoyos…

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